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Hiring is a collaborative process, and SmartRecruiters' Notes are the easiest way to share comments on candidates with your hiring team or entire company.

Leave a note

You can leave notes in two places:

  • On Hireloop, the front page of SmartRecruiters:
  • On Notes tab of the candidate's profile:

Types of notes

SmartRecruiters has four types of notes, each with different purposes and privacy settings.

Direct messages

To share notes privately with specific teammates, @-mention them by name and choose Direct message. Direct messages are visible to you and the people you @-mention. No one else, not even Admins, can see Direct messages.

Use a direct message for sensitive conversations, such as discussing salary or compensation, offer negotiations, etc.

Notes to everyone

Notes with the Everyone setting will be visible to any user in your SmartRecruiters account.  Don't worry! SmartRecruiters will not send email notifications about an Everyone post everyone in your company.

Choose Everyone to let your entire team know about an exciting new hire, or to share tips, instructions, or guidelines with the rest of the company. Only Admins can create this kind of note.

Note to self

To post a note for yourself, make sure the note does not contain any @-mentions, and choose Note to Self. Notes to self are visible to your and Admins of your SmartRecruiters account (to prevent data loss if the note's author is on vacation, no longer at the company, or otherwise unavailable.

Write a Note to self to record quick notes before cleaning them up and sharing with the team. 

Open notes

To post a note for the whole hiring team to see, #-tag at least one candidate in the note and choose Open Note. Open Notes are visible to anyone with access to the candidate(s) tagged will be able to see your note. If someone new joins your team in the future, those new members will still be able to see Open Notes.

Write an Open note to share a post openly with your entire team.

Read notes

You can read the notes that have been shared with you in two places:

  • All notes shared with you appear in Hireloop, the front page of SmartRecruiters. 
  • Note that specifically mention a candidate will also show up on the Notes tab of the candidate's profile.