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Merge Candidates FAQ

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Merge Candidates FAQ

When a merge event happens, how is data treated?

  1. Job applications and community applications from both master and non-master profile will be accessible from within the master profile. This includes Emails, Reviews, Interviews, Notes, Activity, Offers, Screenings, Hiring / Confirm Hiring, Req info, Sources, Attachments, Assessments. However there are limitations when the both master and non-master profiles have applied to the same job - in that situation only the information from the master profile will be kept, and nothing will be copied over from the non-master.

  2. Profile data - blanks in the master profile will be populated by data from the non-master - i.e. if the master profile does not have a phone number, then the phone number from the non-master will be copied over. 

  3. Merging profiles with the same application - a user will sometimes merge 2 profiles which have applied to the same job. SmartRecruiters only allows a single job application per profile - which is the master profile. The user should select the master profile accordingly. The user will receive the below warning message. 

  4. Source of profile - Source of profile may change after merge. Profile source is taken from the oldest application, so if oldest application from non-master profile was created before any application on the master profile, then master profile source will be updated.

  5. Employee flag - if one of the profiles (to be merged) has an EMPLOYEE flag, this to be retained regardless of whether that flag sits on the master or non-master profile. This doesn't apply when both profiles have applications to the same job. The EMPLOYEE flag will only be retained if it's on the master profile.

  6. Analytics - Application counts to jobs are automatically corrected (i.e. reduced) when profiles are merged. 

  7. Candidate consent - consent on the master profile will be retained in all cases. 

    Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 3.41.11 PM.png
  8. Links (within email) from the non-master profile are not going to work - e.g. links to profiles will throw an error message. If links within emails are important, users should select that profile as the master.

  9. Defer candidate - defer information from the non-master profile will be ignored - e.g. if non-master is deferred and master profile is not, the merged profile will not be deferred).

  10. Tags - tags on the non-master profile will be moved to the master profile, up to a limit of 100 total tags. This is the current limit. The master profile will retain all existing tags.

  11. Avatars - the avatar images of profiles will not transfer during a merge. This has been added to the backlog and will be delivered as a Q1 delight.

When will SmartRecruiters identify duplicates submitted by agencies?

  • This has been released as part of our Q1 release where the Recruiter will be informed (via email) when an agency submits a candidate which might be a duplicate. The user can then validate, take offline action with the agency and merge (if required).

  • Please find more details in in the following pages (April 2020 release notes and Agency Mangement Enhancements FAQ).