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Merge Candidates

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Duplicate candidate profiles create more work and confusion for users and candidates.  With the Merge candidates feature, SmartRecruiters allows users to merge two profiles at-a-time within the people tab, jobs and communities. When two profiles are merged, all applications and communities data are kept.

Within Hiring Team Roles, Administrators can define which roles can take this action.

Merge candidates action can happen in 3 places.

  1. On the Jobs People tab (select the target job in the Jobs page):


  2. On the People list:

  3. On Communities - Prospect list (select the target community in the Community page):

(using a Job example)

  1. Select 2 profiles to merge, click Actions and then Merge 2 candidates.


  2. Select a Master profile and click Next.

  3. Click Merge Duplicates.

  4. Merge confirmation is displayed.

  5. The Activity feed of the candidate displays information about the merge event.

Within Hiring Team Roles, Administrators can define which roles can merge candidates.

Where a user does not have permissions to view all applications, that individual cannot make an informed merge decision - i.e. customers which use Access Groups. The user cannot merge, and is informed that an administrator needs to complete the action.

When a merge event happens, how is data treated?

  1. Job applications and community applications from both master and non-master profile will be accessible from within the master profile. This includes Emails, Reviews, Interviews, Notes, Activity, Offers, Screenings, Hiring / Confirm Hiring, Req info, Sources, Attachments, Assessments

  2. Profile data - blanks in the master profile will be populated by data from the non-master - i.e. if the master profile does not have a phone number, then the phone number from the non-master will be copied over. 

  3. Merging profiles with the same application - a user will sometimes merge 2 profiles which have applied to the same job. SmartRecruiters only allows a single job application per profile - which is the master profile. The user should select the master profile accordingly. The user will receive the below warning message. 

  4. Source of profile - Source of profile may change after merge. Profile source is taken from the oldest application, so if oldest application from non-master profile was created before any application on the master profile, then master profile source will be updated.

  5. Employee flag - if one of the profiles (to be merged) has an EMPLOYEE flag, this to be retained regardless of whether that flag sits on the master or non-master profile. 

  6. Analytics - Application counts to jobs are automatically corrected (i.e. reduced) when profiles are merged. 

  7. Candidate consent - consent on the master profile will be retained in all cases. 

    Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 3.41.11 PM.png
  8. Links (within email) from the non-master profile are not going to work - e.g. links to profiles will throw an error message. If links within emails are important, users should select that profile as the master.

  9. Defer candidate - defer information from the non-master profile will be ignored - e.g. if non-master is deferred and master profile is not, the merged profile will not be deferred).

  10. Tags - tags on the non-master profile will be moved to the master profile, up to a limit of 100 total tags. This is the current limit. The master profile will retain all existing tags.

  11. Avatars - the avatar images of profiles will not transfer during a merge. This has been added to the backlog and will be delivered as a Q1 delight.

When will SmartRecruiters identify duplicates submitted by agencies?

  • In Q1, SmartRecruiters will release a delight where the Recruiter will be informed (via email) when an agency submits a candidate which might be a duplicate. The user can then validate, take offline action with the agency and merge (if required).