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Edit source of application

  • SmartRecruit


Any SmartRecruiters user who has full access to a candidate's application (e.g., users with a Hiring Manager, Executive, or Recruiter role on the job’s hiring team) can edit the source of a candidate's application. If you have one of these roles, you can edit the candidate's source on their application.

To edit a candidate's source:

  1. Find the candidate’s application, and hover over the Source name underneath the Job title. EditSource.png
  2. Choose the Source type from the list of Custom and Standard sources. See this list for a description of the various type.EditSource_Choose.png
  3. Choose the source by name:
    • For all types other than Referrals, just enter the source’s name to search for and select it. There’s no need to choose a sub-type.
    • For Referrals, you can choose any existing user in your SmartRecruiters account by name as the source, but you’ll first need to choose a sub-type in order to identify them as an Employee or Manager.

If you alter a current candidate's source, your Sourcing Analytics results will also update to reflect the change. For example, if the candidate was manually added to SmartRecruiters (and had a source of Manual Upload), changing the source to an Employee Referral from a particular employee will:

  • decrement the number of candidates for the Manual Upload source, and 
  • increase the number of candidates sourced by that employee.

Changes to an application’s source may take up to 10 minutes to update in your Sourcing Analytics results. If either the original or new source have a cost associated with them, the Spend for that source will be recalculated.