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Candidate statuses

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  • Team
  • Corporate
  • SmartStart
  • Corporate
  • Global

Each candidate in your SmartRecruiters account has a status assigned to their profile. The status indicates their position in the overall hiring process. Statuses are updated automatically by the actions taken by the hiring team.


A Lead is someone who has not yet applied to a job on their own, but have been assigned to a job for consideration.

Candidates are added in Lead status when they're added:

and when they're reassigned from another job.

Leads must be converted before a hiring team can begin the hiring process.


Candidates with a New status have either:

  • applied directly to a job via a career site, job ad, job widget, or other method
  • been converted from Lead status on a job.

In Review

When someone leaves a review for a candidate in New status for a job, SmartRecruiters will change their status on the job to In Review. They'll stay in In Review status until someone schedules an interview or manually moves them to another status.


When someone schedules an interview for a candidate, the candidate's status will change to Interview.


When someone extends an offer to a candidate that is assigned to a job, the candidate's status will change to Offered. 


When someone marks a candidate as hired, the candidates status will change to Hired.


Candidates who have been rejected from a job by a hiring team member have a Rejected status.


Hiring team members can apply a Withdrawn status to candidates who have withdrawn their application for a job.