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Applying as an internal candidate

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Employees in a SmartRecruiters account can apply as internal applicants to jobs at their own company through the Internal Mobility portal.

Find internal postings

To access your company's internal postings, click on Careers.

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Internal Mobility is an optional feature, so you if you don't see it in the list, your Admin may not have activated it. Even if your company doesn't have Internal Mobility, you can still apply to an Internal job ad if you know the URL for that ad.

On the Internal Mobility page, you'll find a list of jobs posted by your company.

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The list contains two types of jobs:

  • Public jobs that your company posts to external job boards like LinkedIn.
  • Internal-only job ads that aren't publicly posted, and are only visible on the Internal Mobility page. Identify these jobs by the absence of the Refer a Friend button. Referrals aren't accepted for internal jobs. 

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 Apply to internal posting

Hover over a job in the list and click I'm Interested to apply as an internal applicant. 

SmartRecruiters will direct you to the job ad. Just click I'm Interested to fill out the application using a social profile like LinkedIn, upload a resume, or enter your information manually. 


Take a look at the URL for the job ad. It'll look something like this:

The internal flag at the end of the URL lets SmartRecruiters know you're an internal applicant. When you submit the application, SmartRecruiters will mark you as an internal candidate, even if you apply using a different email address (e.g., a personal one) than the one associated with you SmartRecruiters account.