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Managing Candidates

Manage and interact with your candidates throughout the hiring process.


In SmartRecruiters, candidate management occurs primarily in two places:

  • the People list, which gathers candidates into talent pools. Here's where you can sift through the list of candidates and see a high-level summary of their profiles, then dive deeper.
  • the Candidate Profile, which contains all of their personal and application-specific information, and is the central place for interacting with the candidate, reviewing and rating them, and generally moving them through the hiring process. 


  • Applying as an internal applicant
    Learn how to apply internally, as an employee, to your company's open jobs.
  • Candidate profile
    Each candidate in SmartRecruiters has a profile that contains all of their information, and the tools used by the hiring team to review and move the candidate through the hiring process.
  • Candidate statuses
    Learn the details of SmartRecruiters' candidate statuses.
  • Edit source of application
    Edit the source of a candidate's existing application.
  • General Application
    Give candidates the ability to apply, even if they're not interested in  a specific job at your company.
  • Notes
    Share notes on candidates with varying levels of privacy.
  • People List
    Search and filter candidates from the People list to review, message, rate, reject, or take other actions.
  • Tags
    Add custom tags to single or multiple candidates to help organize, search, and share your candidates.
  • Upload resume
    Manually add a candidate to SmartRecruiters by uploading their resume.