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Withdrawal reason filter

  • SmartRecruit


The Withdrawal reason filter lets you filter candidates who withdrew their application by the specific reason selected by the hiring team. You can search by any default or custom withdrawal reason in your company's account.

Also, it's possible to mark a candidate as withdrawn without providing a reason. Candidates who are withdrawn without a reason will not show up in this filter's results.


To filter for candidates that withdrew for the same reason:

  1. Click the filter's search field to see a list of withdrawal reasons:SearchWithdrawalReasons.png
  2. Select one from the dropdown list, or start typing to filter the list for a particular reason.

Top reasons

Underneath the Withdrawal reason search field, there iss a list with up to 5 of the most common reasons provided by the hiring team.

Select one (or more) to filter for candidates and leads who withdrew for that reason.