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Title filter

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


The Title filter lets you filter candidates based on the job titles they’ve provided during the application process. (Use the Applied To filter to filter candidates by the names of your jobs.)

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The Title filter does not support Boolean searches (e.g., AND, OR).

SmartRecruiters extracts these job titles when the candidate applies by:

  • Uploading a resume,
  • Providing their LinkedIn or Indeed profile, or
  • Manually filling out their resume. 


To filter candidates by their current and past job titles:

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  1. Click the filter’s search field to see a list of every job title on your candidates’ applications
  2. Select one from the list, or start typing to filter the list for a particular title.

For performance reasons, SmartRecruiters will retrieve the first 1000 job titles from your account, rather an exhaustive list. If you have a lot of candidates, you may find that the list of titles doesn’t include the one you’re searching for. If so, just type the whole title, then click Add: <title> to search for it.

Current or past job title

By default, the Title filter results include candidates who have that title for a current or past job on their application. You can also focus your search on only current or past titles. A candidate’s current job title is the title with the most recent date on the candidate’s application. 

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Most common job title

Underneath the Title filter are listed the top five most common job titles on your candidates’ applications. Select one or more to filter for candidates with that title.