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Screening Question Filters


Supported types

Initially, SmartRecruiters will support filtering by answers to particular types of screening question:

  • Custom questions:  Users will be able to filter by answers to custom single-select, multi-select, checkbox and Yes/No questions.
  • Default questions: Users will be able to filter by the following default Yes/No questions: 
    • Work Permit: "Are you authorized to work in <job location>? "
    • Criminal Record: "Have you ever been convicted, pleaded guilty or no contest to a crime, or are criminal charges pending against you?"
    • Driving Current: "Do you have a current driver’s license?"
    • Driving Revoked: "Has your driver’s license ever been revoked?"
    • Employment Record: "Have you ever been terminated from or asked to leave any previous positions?" 
  • EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) questions: This is a single question with multiple parts. They are grouped together in the screening question filter. Users are able to filter on whether or not the candidate has specified any EEO designations. 

Diversity questions: Users will not be able to filter on answers of questions that are marked as a "Diversity" type questions, nor will they be able to filter on if a candidate has provided an answer to a diversity question or not. 

Choosing filters

The Screening Question filter will be available on the People list and Applicant lists alongside the other filters. Screening questions will appear in order from top to bottom based on the count of candidates that answered the question from most to least. 

To create a Screening Question filter:

  1. Select a screening question from the list. This list is automatically populated based on the list of all screening questions in the company's library, and includes all supported types. SelectQuestionForFilter.png
  2. SmartRecruiters will populate the answers assigned that question, including current and historical answers. Select an answer from the list to filter on it.SelectAnswersforFilter.png
  • For single-select questions, you can choose more than one value. Any candidate who provided one of these answers will show up in the results.
  • For multi-select questions, you can choose more than one value, and also choose whether candidates should match all of the values, or any of the values. 


  • For Yes/No questions, you can choose only one answer. 

As with other filters, once you apply a screening question filter, it'll show up in the "Applied" filters section. You can then include the Screening Question filter into a Saved Search. 

API support is not currently available for screening question filter. 

Visibility & permissions

Administrators, Extended or full access system role users will have access to filter on all screening questions. Standard and Basic users, custom system role users, or Access group users without full access to all jobs and candidates will only be able to filter on the jobs & candidates to which they have access based on their assigned hiring team role configuration. Learn more about the full set of customizable permissions here