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School/University Filter

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


The School/University filter lets you filter candidates based on the school names they’ve provided during the application process. SmartRecruiters extracts these school names when the candidate applies by:

  • Uploading a resume,
  • Providing their LinkedIn or Indeed profile, or
  • Manually filling out their resume. 

It’s possible to reject a candidate without providing a reason. Candidates who were rejected without a reason will not show up in this filter’s results.

The School/University filter does not support Boolean operations (e.g, AND, OR).

Specific schools

To filter candidates by the school(s) they attended:

  • Click the filter’s search field to see a list of every school on your candidates’ applications.
  • Select one from the list, or start typing to filter the list for a particular school. SearchUniversityFilter.png

For performance reasons, SmartRecruiters will retrieve the first 1000 schools from your account, rather an exhaustive list. If you have a lot of candidates, you may find that the list of schools doesn’t include the one you’re searching for. 

If so, just type the whole school name, then click Add: <title> to search for it.AddUnversityFilter.png

Most common schools

Underneath the School/University filter are listed the top five most common schools on your candidates’ applications. Select one or more to filter for candidates who attended that school.SelectMostCommonUniversityFilter.png