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Assessment Result Filters



Assessment Results filter is available for customers who has enabled at least one SmartRecruiters assessment partner integration with the 2021 Assessment API. 

There are two ways to tell if your assessment provider built their integration with the 2021 Assessment API Assessment:

  1. As a user, you can see in the 'Preferred' and 'Marketplace' tabs in the assessment module in the candidate profile page. 
  2. As an admin, you've authorized and enabled your assessment integration via 'Settings/ Admins > Apps & Integration'.

Assessment Result Filter is not be available to assessment integration build with the older Marketplace Assessment API.

Assessment Result filter will continue to be available even after you disabled the Assessment Integration in 'Settings/ Admins > Apps & Integration' as long as you had ordered at least one assessment with result and that data is still available within SmartRecruiters.

Supported types

SmartRecruiters supports filtering of two types of assessment result:

  • Score:  Users will be able to filter by assessment by defining a range of score from 0 to 100. When SmartRecruiters assessment partner is submitting the assessment score to SmartRecruiters, that score should be normalized to 0 to 100 scale. If the assessment score range is different in your assessment vendor console, please check with your vendor to confirm the score conversion.
  • Score Label: Users will be able to filter by score labels. Score labels are custom labels defined by assessment vendor. List of score labels can be different between vendors and assessment packages. Some example score labels values are 'Pass', 'Failed', 'Considered'.

Choosing filters

The Assessment Result filter is only available on the applicant lists under 'Jobs' alongside the other filters. You can find the Assessment Result filter on the bottom of the list of filters.

To create an Assessment Result filter:

  1. Select an assessment vendor from the list.
  2. A corresponding list of assessment packages will populate based on the assessment vendor you selected. Select an assessment package from the list.
  3. After you selected the package, you can select the score and score label of the package you want to filter for.
  • Some package results contain both score and score label. You can filter candidate application result based on the score label you selected. If you selected more than one score label, SmartRecruiters will return applications with assessment results that contain one of the selected labels (e.g. score label (1) OR score label (2) or score label (3)...).
  • Score is always selected when package results contain both score and score labels. When score and score label are both selected, SmartRecruiters will return applications with assessment results that contain one of the selected labels AND score within the score range (e.g. (score label (1) OR score label (2)) AND scores in score range)
  • Some package results only contain score and you can only filter candidate application by score for those packages
  • Some package results only contain score label and you can filter candidate application by score label for those packages
  • You can add a different assessment vendor, package or score and score label criteria to help refine your search. When you filter by more than one assessment result, SmartRecruiters will return application with assessment results that contain assessment results criteria 1 AND assessment result criteria 2 (e.g. package 1, (score label (1) OR score label (2)) AND score range 1) AND package 2 (score label (3) OR score label (4)) AND score range 2)).

API support is not currently available for assessment result filter. 

Visibility & permissions

Users will be able to filter candidate applications based on assessment results to which they have access based on their assigned hiring team role configuration. Learn more about the full set of customizable permissions here