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LaunchPad Integration


SmartRecruiters' LaunchPad connector allows customers to trigger an OnDemand Video Interview request through Outmatch. Please contact your CSM for additional information.

LaunchPad Integration

  • SmartRecruit

This is a paid offering. Please contact your CSM for additional information

SmartRecruiters is pleased to offer a connector which will allow customers to trigger an OnDemand Video Interview request through Outmatch. Customers will be able to trigger this either through the inline assessment portion of SmartRecruiters workflow or by associating the Outmatch On-Demand Video Interview assessment to a stage of their Hiring Process workflow in SmartRecruiters.

Workflow Steps:

  1. The user on the candidate application requests an assessment from Outmatch on the interview step

    a. If the job type order exists in Outmatch then the corresponding assessment will be delivered to the candidate by Outmatch
    b. If the request was a custom assessment, Outmatch will be notified and the user will have to build the assessment in Outmatch before it gets triggered to the candidate
  2. The candidate will receive the Outmatch details: and begin assessment process: 

    a. If the candidate passed the screening process then it moves on to the video assessment, otherwise it will be prevented from moving forward with the process (this step is optional, configurable from Outmatch)
    b. Candidate completes the video assessment
  3. Upon completion of the process, the assessment details will be sent to SmartRecruiters and display on the “Assessments” box on the candidate’s application

  4. A link to Outmatch will be presented for the user to view the assessment, leave feedback and rate the candidate. Once completed, the results will be sent back to SmartReruiters and will be visible on the “Assessments” box on the candidate’s application

Connector Enablement

  1. User to request LaunchPad API key from Outmatch and provide it to the CSM

  2. User to create assessment packages in Outmatch

  3. The LaunchPad assessments should be visible in SmartRecruiters 

SmartRecruiters Integration Configuration

1. Navigate to Settings / Admin → Hiring Process and configure the Video Assessments to the Hiring Process on the “Interview” step

Outmatch (LaunchPad) Configuration

Make sure to create a new assessment package in order to have it available in SmartRecruiters or to build the custom assessment notification has been sent from SmartRecruiters per request of the user