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Setup Tableau Web Data Connector & Report Builder integration

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Load data from custom reports built in Report Builder directly into Tableau Desktop using our updated Tableau Web Data Connector. This integration helps recruiting teams to drastically speed up their ability to create and easily refresh dashboards created using Tableau.

Want this integration? Ask your Customer Success Manager about the SmartConnect add-on.

You may still be using the old Tableau Web Data connector which connects to our Analytics data services. The old integration is no longer under active development. We will be sunsetting it in the near future. We encourage all customers to move to Report Builder and the new Tableau Web Data connector as soon as possible. 

To take advantage of this integration, you will need to download Tableau Desktop and have an active license. Admin users will also need to provide their SmartRecruiters API key (or SmartToken) to import data into Tableau. 


Select your report

  1. Open up your Report Builder report list by clicking Analytics in the top navigation. 
  2. Find the report name you want to import into Tableau. 
  3. Click on actions dropdown and select Open in Tableau.


  4. Copy the unique URL in the pop-up modal. 


  5. Open your Tableau Desktop application.
  6. Under To a Server, choose the Web Data Connector option in the right hand side panel. 
  7. You will be prompted to paste the unique URL into the Web Data Connector dialog. Press Enter.


Find API key

In order to complete the import, you'll need to supply your unique SmartToken API key

To find it:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Apps & Integration in the Configuration list.
  3. Click on the Credentials tab
  4. If you've never generated an API credential, click the New Credential button. If you've an existing API key, you may use it.
    Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 5.37.26 PM.png
  5. Choose API Key to continue to generate a new key.
    Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 5.37.44 PM.png
  6. Provide a name and a description for your API key and click Generate to create the new API key
    Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 5.37.07 PM.png
  7. Click Copy to copy the API key to your clipboard.

Import data

  1. Go back to Tableau and your open Web Data Connector window.
  2. Provide your SmartToken.
  3. You will now be shown some details about report including: 
    • Report name
    • Data fields (columns) in the report
    • Report creation date
    • Latest date when report was modified


  4. Click Import.
  5. Your data will be imported into Tableau. The Tableau Web Data Connector dialog will close automatically. 

From there, you can customize and save the SmartRecruiters dataset like a normal Tableau workbook. The data imported to Tableau is supplied via our Reporting API. The dataset imported into Tableau is always up to date with the latest report file that you've generated in Report Builder, either from ad-hoc report generation or from scheduling your custom report.