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Integrate Workday with SmartRecruiters

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SmartRecruiters' integration with Workday accelerate the onboarding experience by syncing job, organization, and candidate data seamlessly Workday and SmartRecruiters.

Want this integration? Ask your Customer Success Manager about the SmartConnect add-on.

Contact Support to set up this integration. 

  • Onboarding/Offboarding:
    When a new team member joins your Workday account, they're automatically added as a user in SmartRecruiters. When they leave your Workday account, they're automatically removed from SmartRecruiters. If their user role in Workday changes, their role and security settings in SmartRecruiters are automatically updated to match.     
  • Job Requisitions and Approvals:
    SmartRecruiters retrieves positions, requisitions, and job profiles from Workday as templates so that Workday remains your system of record for creating and approval jobs
  • Synchronized Organization
    The core configurations sync ensures that Workday and Smartrecruiters share the same available choices for departments, cost centers, etc. so that when you go to hire an employee, the job's information is valid in Workday. 
  • Hiring Integration
    When you move candidate to Hire status in SmartRecruiters, SmartRecruiters sends the candidate, job, and offer information to Workday to seamless begin the onboarding process so that you give the final approval in Workday.

Workday integrations are customized for each company. To start this process, reach out to your SmartRecruiters representative.