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Facebook Jobs Integration

  • SmartRecruit


Facebook Jobs integration enables SmartRecruiters customers to post their jobs to their company Facebook pages and Facebook Jobs feed. SmartRecruiters customers can reach diverse and qualified candidates via Facebook while staying connected to their systems with the help of this integration.

How it works?

Facebook Jobs is available as a free aggregator to use for all customers using SmartRecruiters. 

Whenever you create a public job and distribute it to the free aggregators, your job will be posted on Facebook as well. Job posting will be available in two locations:


Candidates are able to search and review posted jobs directly on the Facebook page of the company and Facebook Jobs feed. When they click Apply Now, they will be redirected to the original SmartRecruiters job ad page and go through the regular application process. Candidates applying via Facebook are counted under Facebook Jobs source on the Sourcing Analytics page.

The integration has the same logic as for the other free aggregators: 

  • When the job is edited and republished, the posting is updated on Facebook
  • When the job is unpublished, the posting is removed from Facebook

Connect Facebook brand page

Customers with SmartRecruit plan can also connect their Facebook brand pages to SmartRecruiters platform under Settings > Configuration > Brands > Edit Brand. Admin users can add the link to the Facebook brand page in the Facebook page field. If there is no connected Facebook page for the brand while posting a job, matching of the job posting with the relevant Facebook page will be done by Facebook algorithm.


Once your jobs are associated with the relevant Facebook page either through the link you have provided or the algorithm, your Facebook page administrator will be presented with a request to match your jobs with the page. If the administrator accepts, your jobs will begin to be distributed on that Facebook page, receive that page's branding, and gain extra traffic from fans of that page.