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Assessment Integrations

  • SmartRecruit


To ensure your hiring process is smooth and efficient, SmartRecruiters work with different assessment partners and built integration which allows you and your hiring team to order and view assessment results of candidates in SmartRecruiters.


Before you enable any assessment integration on SmartRecruiters, you'll need:

  • a SmartRecruit plan in SmartRecruiters.
  • an account or contract with the assessment partner of your choice.
  • an Administrator-level user account.

Activating Integration

To enable any assessment integration, you need to first navigate to 'Apps & Integration' page. Once you've locate and selected the assessment partner integration you would like to enabled, following the steps below: 

  1. Click 'Connect' to begin the activation process
  2. Review the scope of data access which the assessment partner will have once the integration is enable.
  3. Click 'Authorize and Continue' if you agree to provide partner the access to your data.
  4. A pop-up widget is displayed and you need to enter your partner account information for the assessment partner service to validate you have an active contract / account within their system.
  5. Review the scope of data access, this time it is for SmartRecruiters to access part of the data you have in your assessment partner service account (This step is optional, some assessment integration may not have this step).
  6. Authorize the access (This step is optional, some assessment integration may not have this step).
  7. The integration is now activated and you should see the 'Active' integration status on the top right corner of the page reflecting the change

After you enabled the integration, every user who have permission to order assessment can now order and view assessment results; you can also configure the assessment partner's assessment packages in hiring step.

Managing Integration

You have full control on all partner integration in SmartRecruiters. You can turn off assessment partner integration at any time follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to 'Apps & Integration' page
  2. Select the assessment partner integration
  3. Click 'Disconnect'

Once you clicked disconnect, the assessment partner integration is immediately disabled. While new assessment order can no longer be placed, those orders placed before the deactivation will continue to be processed by the partner and will results will be returned and displayed on SmartRecruiters.

You may re-activate the integration at any time.