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Apply with Seek

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Activating Seek

To activate Seek, please go through the following steps: 

  1. Reach out to your Seek representative to see if you are eligible to use Apply with Seek as per your contract; this may entail a one-time setup fee paid directly to Seek. 

  2. Once confirmed, please enter the Seek Advertiser ID that was provided to you by the Seek team in Settings > Apps & Integrations > Apply with Seek

  3. Once entered, please reach out to our SmartRecruiters Support Team requesting the activation of "Apply with Seek". 

  4. SmartRecruiters Support Team will turn on the “Apply with Seek” button on your job ads. 

If you wish to later turn off “Apply with Seek”, please contact our SmartRecruiters Support Team.

How does it work? 

  1. Candidate arrives on a job ad and clicks “I’m Interested” 

    If there are 3 or less options to apply configured by the company, this UI will be displayed: 

    If there are 4 or more options to apply configured by the company, this UI will be displayed: 

  2. Candidate clicks on “Apply with Seek” and an authentication screen pops-up in a new window over the application process for a better candidate experience

  1. Candidate clicks “Allow access” and the application form will be filled with personal information, experience and the attached resume

    A confirmation message is first displayed then disappears within a few seconds

    The following fields are being mapped with the Seek profile:

    Personal Information: 

    • First Name

    • Last Name 

    • Email 

    • Location

    • Phone Number


    • Title 

    • Company 

    • Start Date and End Date 

    • Description 

    Resume (mapped to ‘Default Resume’ in Seek)