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Other Integrations

  • SmartRecruit


Integrate your HRIS and business process systems with SmartRecruiters.


Located under Settings/Admin > Administration > Apps & Integrations, each application will show a green dot if it has been successfully activated for your organization. There will be an orange dot if it is not enabled. 

Click on each application to start the activation process for each integration, or to see details about each integration configuration. Click the switch to turn on the integration. Here is an example of the Field Recruiting app configuration

Please note that the following integrations are going to be found under the new Apps & Integrations page starting with the January 2020 release:

In addition, the new central page already contains the following integrations: 

We will continue moving other integrations and expanding the list of apps we connect with to provide our users with the best possible cross-platform recruiting experience.


  • Apply with Seek
    Make it easy to apply for your candidates in Asia-Pacific by enabling Apply with Seek on your job ads.
  • Assessment Integrations
    Learn how to enable your assessment partners' integration in SmartRecruiters.
  • Facebook Jobs Integration
    Facebook Jobs integration enables SmartRecruiters customers to post their jobs to their company Facebook pages and Facebook Jobs feed.
  • Google Jobs Search integration
    SmartRecruiters Google Jobs Search integration helps SmartRecruiters customers attract job seekers by prominently placing their jobs in Google search results.
  • Integrate Entelo with SmartRecruiters
    SmartRecruiters' Entelo integration lets you seamlessly export candidates, their contact information, employment history, and social links from Entelo Search into SmartRecruiters with a single click.
  • Integrate Workday with SmartRecruiters
    SmartRecruiters' integration with Workday accelerate the onboarding experience by syncing job, organization, and candidate data seamlessly Workday and SmartRecruiters.
  • Setup Tableau Web Data Connector & Report Builder integration
    Pull Report Builder data straight into Tableau Desktop. Data can be merged with other Report Builder custom datasets or analyzed on its own.
  • Set up DocuSign Integration
    Learn how to connect your DocuSign account with SmartRecruiters.
  • Set up Tableau integration (old)
    Sync and load your SmartRecruiters data straight into Tableau right from its native app. Data can be merged with other datasets or analyzed on its own.
  • Slack App
    Connect your team's SmartRecruiters and Slack team accounts so that they can share and candidates in Slack channels.


Do you have customer references where the connection between SmartRecruiters and HRIS / Business Warehouse was via SAP CPI established?
We estimate that approximately 10% of our customers have integration with SAP HCM, either realized by connecting directly with our API, or through SFTP and our middleware. However, we do not track how the integration is achieved on the customer's end. Most of our customers would utilize our standard API and implement integration at their own speed and resources. 

Where do I find information about setting up SSO?

How can I turn on the Field Recruiting app and how to authorize users?
Field Recruiting app can be found under Settings/Administration > Apps and Integrations section