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Other Integrations

  • SmartRecruit


Integrate your HRIS and business process systems with SmartRecruiters.
  • Facebook Jobs Integration
    Facebook Jobs integration enables SmartRecruiters customers to post their jobs to their company Facebook pages and Facebook Jobs feed.
  • Google Jobs Search integration
    SmartRecruiters Google Jobs Search integration helps SmartRecruiters customers attract job seekers by prominently placing their jobs in Google search results.
  • Integrate Entelo with SmartRecruiters
    SmartRecruiters' Entelo integration lets you seamlessly export candidates, their contact information, employment history, and social links from Entelo Search into SmartRecruiters with a single click.
  • Integrate Workday with SmartRecruiters
    SmartRecruiters' integration with Workday accelerate the onboarding experience by syncing job, organization, and candidate data seamlessly Workday and SmartRecruiters.
  • Setup Tableau Web Data Connector & Report Builder integration
    Pull Report Builder data straight into Tableau Desktop. Data can be merged with other Report Builder custom datasets or analyzed on its own.
  • Set up DocuSign Integration
    Learn how to connect your DocuSign account with SmartRecruiters.
  • Set up Facebook Careers app
    SmartRecruiters' Facebook Careers App adds a Careers page to your corporate Facebook account and helps you market your SmartRecruiters jobs and drive referrals and social shares throughout your network. The Careers page automatically synchronizes with your SmartRecruiters account and displays your open, published jobs.
  • Set up Tableau integration (old)
    Sync and load your SmartRecruiters data straight into Tableau right from its native app. Data can be merged with other datasets or analyzed on its own.
  • Slack App
    Connect your team's SmartRecruiters and Slack team accounts so that they can share and candidates in Slack channels.