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LinkedIn Recruiter Integration

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SmartRecruiters' LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration helps recruiters to efficiently source and manage potential candidates from LinkedIn in SmartRecruiters. The integration automatically imports potential candidates when you contact them through LinkedIn Recruiter, and imports them into SmartRecruiters so that you can easily manage them without switching between the two systems. 

The Integration includes four main features:

Note that the old LinkedIn Recruiter CSA (Cross System Awareness) integration was sunset by LinkedIn on June 30, 2019. CSA, as well as new features to help streamline the recruiting process, were migrated to RSC (Recruiter System Connect). Please see the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect setup guide

Export Profile

With this integration, recruiters don't need to wait for a candidate to reply to an InMail. Instead, they can simply choose one of their SmartRecruiters jobs, and export the candidate's profile directly to a specific job in SmartRecruiters.


It's a limited export:

  • First and last name
  • Location (as displayed on their LinkedIn Profile)
  • Current employer's name(s)

The import will not include email, experience or education details from the lead's LinkedIn Profile. 

In order to export a candidate to a specific job, the job will need to be published in SmartRecruiters.

InMail and Prospect Notes sync

When a candidate responds to an InMail and agrees to share their information, the integration will sync the messages and their contact information to their profile in SmartRecruiters.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 1.50.15 PM.png

Profiles synced this way will include the candidate's contact information and last experience including latest job title and company. In addition, the integration will also sync over any Prospect notes to the Notes tab of the candidate's SmartRecruiters profile.

Prospect notes synced to the candidate's profile will be visible for all users with a mapped Recruiter seat if the 'Anyone in my organization' option is selected when adding the note in LinkedIn. The notes will also appear on the Hireloop activity feed on users' home screen. If the 'Only me' option is selected instead when adding the note in LinkedIn is chosen instead, the note will only be visible to the user who add the note.

While email notifications will not be sent for these synced notes, if another SmartRecruiters user reply on the note in SmartRecruiters, users who see the notes and enabled email notification for collaboration will receive email notification for the reply.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 1.50.59 PM.png

Data in LinkedIn Recruiter

Once a candidate is synced from LinkedIn to SmartRecruiters, recruiters will be able to see information about the candidate's SmartRecruiters application in LinkedIn Recruiter, and if the candidate has any historical applications. The candidate's status in the hiring process will also show up in LinkedIn Recruiter.


If the exported candidate is already in SmartRecruiters with the same last name and email address, we'll automatically merge the LinkedIn information with their current candidate profile. If the last name or email differ, we'll create a new candidate profile in SmartRecruiters with the imported information. 

In addition, SmartRecruiters will sync the unique LinkedIn Profile Id of the Candidate to ensure all application(s) data is kept synced across the two systems, and to support Recruiter Interactions and the Profile Plugin.

SmartRecruiters does not support syncing Interview feedback or Notes created in SmartRecruiters to LinkedIn Recruiter at this time. 

LinkedIn Profile Plugin

The LinkedIn profile plugin is a new addition which allows users in SmartRecruiters to view a candidate’s full LinkedIn Profile from within SmartRecruiters. Just click View Profile on the candidate's Experience and Education section to open their LinkedIn Profile within SmartRecruiters.


This plugin works for both candidates you've exported from LinkedIn, and those who were added to SmartRecruiters by another means, because the plugin uses a matching algorithm to identify candidates already in SmartRecruiters and automatically link them to their corresponding LinkedIn Profile. There's an option to make changes manually in case the match is incorrect.



To set up the integration, companies will need a LinkedIn Recruiter contract and a SmartRecruiters account. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is not supported for this integration.

Setup for SmartRecruiters' LinkedIn Recruiter integration is a three-step process:

  1. Request the integration by selecting a LinkedIn Recruiter Contract.
  2. Enable the integration in LinkedIn.
  3. Connect each SmartRecruiters user with their seat in LinkedIn Recruiter.

Once this is complete, LinkedIn will initiate a one-time sync of historical data from SmartRecruiters.

Read the full instructions for setting up LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect.

Customers who haven't already connected their LinkedIn Recruiter and SmartRecruiters accounts can simply go through the process to set up the integration.

Customers who have an old LinkedIn Recruiter Cross-System Awareness (CSA) integration will be migrated to the new integration in the background. They'll need to go through the same setup process to turn on the new integration, but can do so when ready.

Privacy and consent

Customers are responsible for ensuring that they have the candidate's consent to use their information before exporting the candidate's profile to SmartRecruiters. 

SmartRecruiters provides tools to collect this consent, and also manage the deletion of candidate information:

  • When a candidate application is deleted through manual or automatic actions, SmartRecruiters will also send the deletion request to LinkedIn Recruiter so that any synced application data will also be deleted.
  • When a candidate profile is deleted in SmartRecruiters through manual or automatic actions, SmartRecruiters will also send the deletion request for ALL of the candidate’s synced applications to LinkedIn Recruiter. Within LinkedIn Recruiter, any associated InMail and Prospects Notes created by the user will be retained. SmartRecruiters is not responsible for any data generated by the customer when using LinkedIn Recruiter.

We recommend that customers include the consent request process into their workflows prior to enabling the new integration. As a best practice, customers should use the following steps to ensure candidate consent is captured: 

  1. Export the candidate to a specific job in SmartRecruiters using 1-click export feature. 
  2. Reach out to the candidate using a LinkedIn InMail.  
  3. When candidates respond to the InMail, they will agree to share their contact information, usually email and phone number. It will be synced to their profile in SmartRecruiters. 
  4. Ensure candidate goes through the application process for the job by sending them to the job application link. 

Disabling the integration

Currently, customers must reach out to the LinkedIn support team to disable a connected LinkedIn Recruiter contract. Please contact with your LinkedIn Recruiter contract ID and reach out to the SmartRecruiters support team using our in-product support form.