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LinkedIn Recruiter Cross System Awareness (CSA) Integration

  • SmartRecruit


This page describes the old LinkedIn Recruiter integration which is no longer supported by SmartRecruiters. The old CSA integration will be sunset on June 30, 2019. We've replaced it with the new LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration. For setup instructions, see the LinkedIn RSC setup guide

The SmartRecruiters' LinkedIn Recruiter CSA integration automatically imports leads from LinkedIn and gives you the candidate information you need in context, thereby reducing time spent toggling between the two systems. If you have a SmartRecruit account, you can connect a LinkedIn Recruiter account to help your recruiters source and manage potential candidates from LinkedIn in SmartRecruiters. 

Importing to SmartRecruiters

When you contact potential candidates via InMail through LinkedIn Recruiter, the integration automatically imports them into SmartRecruiters so that you can easily manage them.

Candidates are imported into SmartRecruiters as Leads on the General Application along with all related InMail communication and notes. (Files attached to their LinkedIn profile are not imported). You can then assign them to jobs and review them.

All profile information the member agrees to share will also be imported to SmartRecruiters. Each candidate sourced from LinkedIn Recruiter comes into SmartRecruiters with a source of LinkedIn Recruiter so that you can analyze and track leads from LinkedIn in SmartRecruiters' Sourcing Analytics.

Exports to LinkedIn

The integration also exports candidate details from SmartRecruiters into LinkedIn. The candidate's primary job, application status, contact details, and status are exported to LinkedIn Recruiter.  When hiring teams review candidates and assign them statuses, the details for both are synced to LinkedIn Recruiter.