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LinkedIn Integrations

  • SmartRecruit


Source the best candidates using SmartRecruiters' LinkedIn integrations.



  • Can I add multiple LinkedIn Recruiter contracts?

    Yes! SmartRecruiters allows you to connect multiple contracts.

  • How often does the LinkedIn Recruiter Integration update?

    SmartRecruiters will synchronize your job, candidate and application data with LinkedIn Recruiter in near real-time. New InMail messages and Prospect notes are imported every 30 minutes.

  • What happens when my LinkedIn Recruiter contract expires?

    When your LinkedIn Recruiter contract expires, SmartRecruiters will stop importing records (leads and in InMail into SmartRecruiters, and stop updating LinkedIn with activity and status from SmartRecruiters. However, all previously imported and synced data will remain visible in SmartRecruiters.

  • What if I have multiple seat holders in LinkedIn Recruiter?

    As long as your seat holders on your LinkedIn Recruiter contract have user accounts in SmartRecruiters account, SmartRecruiters will import information and synchronize activity across all of the them.

    However, SmartRecruiters won't automatically create user accounts for seat holders who don't already have one in SmartRecruiters. Fortunately, if they create one after you connect SmartRecruiters with LinkedIn Recruiter, an administrator can link their accounts from the Linked Recruiter Integration page. Once the accounts are linked, SmartRecruiters will automatically sync and back-fill their leads and InMail communication. 

  • What information is imported from LinkedIn Recruiter into SmartRecruiters?

    When you export a profile from LinkedIn to a specific job in SmartRecruiters, we'll import the following information:

    • First and last name
    • Location (as displayed on their LinkedIn Profile)
    • Current employer's name

    The profile export will not include email, experience or education details from LinkedIn. 

    Additionally, if you communicate with a potential candidate using LinkedIn's InMail feature the following will also be imported on that candidate's specific application: 

    • Any InMail or Prospect communications
    • Contact info including email and/or phone