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Calendar integrations

  • SmartRecruit


Connect SmartRecruiters to your company's Google or Microsoft calendar to schedule interviews and book rooms right in SmartRecruiters.


  • Does SmartRecruiters support multiple calendar integrations?

    No.  If a company has multiple calendar accounts setup for different brands, there is currently no way to set up multiple calendar integrations in the same SmartRecruiters account.  The complication is that SmartRecruiters cannot identify which calendar account each user is associated with, and hence when trying to schedule interviews we will not be able to know which calendar account to use when sending the invites to the hiring team.

    Multiple Accounts with Microsoft

    Administrators can work with Microsoft to expose both company’s data under 1 instance, however this may come with an additional cost based on the licenses required.

    Multiple Accounts across Microsoft and Google

    Unfortunately there is no way to support having calendars from both Microsoft and Google, administrators will either have to:

    • Explore merging the different calendars into either Microsoft or Google.  In which both Google and Microsoft has the capability to help their users to migrate and sync calendars accordingly (Google | Microsoft).  Or
    • Choose the preferred integration that would be most impactful for setup and require users of the secondary integration(s) to schedule interviews manually.

    Multiple Accounts with Google

    Administrators can explore consolidating their calendars with Google's ability to add multiple domains or domain aliases to an account.

  • Do you store any customer user data on your servers if they use the calendar integration? If yes do you have a kind of overview of this data?

    We store events data that are created through the SmartRecruiters platform. We don't store data we didn't create.

  • Is it possible to integrate with the desktop version of Office 365?

    It does not matter if users use desktop or web clients, as long as they are in sync with the server. So the actions taken either way (Desktop or Web Client) will be reflected on SmartRecruiters.

  • Is it possible to restrict the calendar access in any way to the calendar from SR Users and not to all calendars in the client organization?

    Not by using O365 integration. Customers may use EWS integration to connect to O365, which uses a service account and the access can be limited like for every user-user visibility in the calendar.