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Users with full access

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


A user with full access to a job and its candidates is any user with:

  • a user type of Admin or Extended, 
  • a user type of Standard, and a hiring team role of Hiring Manager, Executive, Recruiter, or custom hiring role or
  • a user who approves a job

These users can take any action on the job and all its candidates, and see all information for both. There’s no real difference between these users in terms of permissions and access.

Job View

Full-access users have this view of the job:


Job actions

Users with full access to a job can:

  • Edit, unpublish, cancel, advertise, share, or duplicate a job or its ads
  • View all tabs and all details, and edit all details
  • View and edit the hiring team and scorecards
  • Send the job to a recruiting agency
  • See detailed sourcing information
  • Add candidates to the job
  • Refer candidates for the job

Candidate view

Full-access users have this view of candidates on the job:


Candidate actions

Users with full access to a job can:

  • Edit candidates' contact information, experience, and education
  • See screening questions and answers
  • See all notes and messages, including offers sent to candidates
  • Submit reviews and see other reviews
  • Reject, reassign, hire a candidate, or mark them withdrawn.
  • Create and send an offer
  • Schedule interviews
  • Send assessments and view assessment results
  • Edit the application source
  • Create and delete tags
  • View, add, and edit custom fields
  • Add or remove attachments
  • Move candidates through the hiring process