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User Roles

In SmartRecruiters, user roles determine the level of access that an individual user has at the global level, such as the ability to configure the account, see certain jobs, post jobs through the system, and more

User roles are different from hiring team rolesTeam and Corporate plans can have Admin, Extended, and Standard users. Only Corporate plans can have Basic and Employee users.

User roles by name

There are five roles. Each role defines which candidates and jobs the user can see, which actions the user can take, and which parts of SmartRecruiters the user can access.

Type Access and Permissions
Admin Admin users have complete control and visibility of all things in the account. They can access all jobs and candidates in the company, and have privileges to administer the company account (set up auto-reply, email templates, configure hiring process etc). Common Admin users would be the head of HR, Head of Talent, or anyone who manages the SmartRecruiters Account.
Extended Extended users cannot configure the company account, but have full access to all jobs and all candidates within the system, regardless of whether they're on a job's hiring team. Extended users can also post jobs and make purchases in the Marketplace. Anyone who needs access to all jobs, but doesn't need to configure your account, should be an Extended user.

Like Extended users, Standard users who are assigned an Access Group have full access, but only to the jobs and candidates in that Access Group.

Standard Standard users can see a job only if they're on the job's hiring team, and can only access candidates for those specific jobs. They may also access candidates that have been directly shared with them. Standard users can post jobs and make purchases in the Marketplace.
Basic  Basic users have the same rights as Standard users, but cannot post jobs or make purchases in the Marketplace.
Employee Employee users can only view Internal Mobility postings. They can apply or make referrals but do not have access to job profiles or candidates. When an Employee user is added to a hiring team for a job, they automatically have the same rights to that job (and its candidates) as a Basic user.

Allowed actions by user role