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Translations API

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SmartRecruiter's Translations API allows companies to manage custom translations for Job & Org field names and values through SmartRecruiters' API. When a user localizes SmartRecruiters, if translations exist for that language, the user will see those translations anywhere in SmartRecruiters where the fields show up.

Essentially, the API allows companies to specify translations for each custom job or org field’s name and its values in multiple languages. SmartRecruiters will display translated fields and values based on the user’s currently selected locale preferences. 

Check out the endpoints in the Configuration API for adding translations. There is also support in the Configuration API for retrieving translations for job fields and values, and to the Postings API for retrieving translations for departments and postings.

Translations will appear anywhere Job Fields are used, including:

  • Job posting wizard
  • Job details 
  • Job List
  • Job fields reports
  • Email notification (offer approval)
  • Offer fields
  • Brands 

In situations where the user is localizing SmartRecruiters in a particular language, but the company has not provided translations for that language, SmartRecruiters will display the field’s default label and values (added either via the Job Fields page in SmartRecruiters, or when the field was created via the Configuration API.

For example, suppose that a job field called Cost Center is created and populated with values. The field’s default language is therefore English. Translations are added for French and German. 

  • When a user localizes SmartRecruiters in German, they see job fields and values in German.
  • When a user localizes SmartRecruiters in Hungarian, they see job fields in English, because no Hungarian translations exist, and English is the default language.