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Customers have asked for the ability to refresh sandbox environments to align with production configurations. Doing this manually is time consuming, expensive and can be hard to get right with the multitude of configuration options. SmartRecruiters is tackling this to make it easier to test new features and configurations in a like-for-like manner; and do demos, training in sandbox which accurately reflect production realities. Customers will request refreshes by submitting support tickets. 

Customers with existing sandboxes will get to keep them, and will get access to NewSandbox.  

What is refreshed with NewSandbox?

  • Job/org fields

  • Job templates

  • Candidate fields

  • Email templates

  • Request consent email templates

  • Hiring team roles

  • System roles (custom)

  • Screening questions

  • Approval chains

  • Offer templates

How does it work?

  • Refreshes of NewSandbox are done by overwriting the sandbox from Production. Customers will request refreshes by submitting support tickets. 

  • Refreshes sync all configurations at once. Customer-driven requests for partial refreshes (i.e. only job templates) are out of scope.

  • There are no back-ups of the NewSandbox and no roll-backs.

  • Employee data from Production is copied to NewSandbox (as these are required for hiring teams and approvers). To access NewSandbox, there is a two-step authentication process for all users of NewSandbox. Instructions will be shared by our Support team.  

  • Candidate, prospect and job data are not be copied to NewSandbox from Production.

If you would like to add a NewSandbox, please reach out to your Enterprise Account Manager.


Is NewSandbox on the same environment as Production?

  • No. It is on a separate environment. As a result user email addresses are not the same as existing sandbox accounts. 

How are field IDs handled?

  • As the NewSandbox environment is separate from Production, this will allow for the same field ID names to be used in Production and NewSandbox.

Can the NewSandbox be used for integrations testing?

  • No. Customers should test integrations on production sandboxes. These are on the same environment as Production instances so will work in the same way. 

How do users (created in User Management) work in NewSandbox?

  • When the NewSandbox is originally created and handed-off to the customer, it will be pre-populated with users from production. The users will have the same user IDs as production - and (for the purposes of explanation) will be referred to as "User group A". New users can also be created in NewSandbox directly which have no connection to production users. These users will have unique user IDs - and will be referred to as "User group B". When a customer requests a NewSandbox refresh, "User group A" will be over-written, and "User group B" accounts will become deactivated where the email address is the same as a user from "User group A". The deactivated users will have "SB" as a prefix before the first name to help distinguish. 

Can users test email functionality in NewSandbox?

  • Yes - emails will be “live” in NewSandbox - so testing of communication features has to be done carefully as emails will be sent out. 

How are Public API tokens handled?

  • API/Integrations settings are available on NewSandbox. New tokens will need to be generated rather than copy over existing ones from Production.

Can Smart Assistant (AI) functionality be tested on NewSandbox?

  • Not at this time. 

Can NewSandbox be tested by customers?

  • As the feature is a sandbox product, all testing on it has to happen after it has been enabled for each customer.

Can customers whitelist domains on NewSandbox for emails?

  • Yes. At the time that customers request a NewSandbox, they should specify the domains which should be whitelisted. Without requesting this, users cannot receive emails sent using NewSandbox. Customers can only request whitelisting of domains which are controlled by them. It is a security risk to request whitelisting of other domains such as Such requests will be denied. 

Which Settings/Admin configurations are not refreshed in NewSandbox?

  • My Account > Calendar Preferences
  • Configuration > Hiring Process
  • Configuration > Custom Candidate Sources
  • Configuration > Custom Rejection/Withdrawal Reasons
  • Configuration > SmartLabs
  • Permissions > Access Groups
  • Reporting > EEO Report
  • Reporting > Applicant Flow Report
  • Reporting > Analytics Reports
  • Reporting > OFCCP Report
  • Reporting > Diversity Report

How long does it take to do a NewSandbox refresh?

  • Refreshes will be completed within seven calendar days of request. 

Can I continue to use NewSandbox directly after requesting as refresh?

  • You may, however it is not recommended as it could lead to errors during data migration. If possible avoid using NewSandbox during the refresh window.