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Interview API


SmartRecruiters's Interview API allows partners and customers to create, read, update and cancel interviews in SmartRecruiters.

With the interview API and proper integration, partners and customers can:

  • Create interviews and sync the interviews onto SmartRecruiters
  • Retrieve interviews information, such as interview time slots, interviewer status from SmartRecruiters
  • Update and sync interviews status, time and participants onto SmartRecruiters.
  • Cancel interviews (cancelling interviews with Interview API removes the interview completely from SmartRecuriters)

Do note the current Interview API does NOT:

  • Trigger the interview notification to candidates or interviewers when an interview is created, updated or canceled.
  • Automatically create invites of the interview on interviewers' integrated non SmartRecruiters calendars (e.g. Google Calendar) when an interview is created, updated or canceled.
  • Add interviewers to the hiring team for the job when an interview is created, updated, or canceled.

Check out the Interview API documentation at