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Audit API

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Data collected via the Audit API will be retained for 26 months by SmartRecruiters


SmartRecruiters' Audit API allows companies to monitor events in their SmartRecruiters account and report on a number of events:

  • User account activated
  • User account created
  • User account deactivated
  • User account updated
  • User authentication was successful
  • User authentication failed
  • User role changed
  • User password changed
  • User password reset
  • User API key renewed
  • Job deleted
  • Hiring team member added
  • Hiring team member role updated
  • Job approval requested
  • Job field created 
  • Job field activated 
  • Job field deactivated
  • Job field updated 
  • Job field values updated  
  • Job field value updated - Configuration API 
  • Job field value added - Configuration API
  • Job field archived - Configuration API
  • Job field dependency updated - Configuration API 
  • Job field values dependency updated - Configuration API
  • Job field updated on job 
  • Job position updated
  • Job position deleted
  • Job position added 
  • Job position is assigned a hire 
  • Job position canceled  
  • Application and candidate keyword search
  • Candidate was deleted
  • Candidate personal data was modified
  • Candidate's profile was opened
  • Candidate's profile was modified
  • Candidate's personal information was modified
  • User filled a candidate's EEO question
  • LinkedIn Recruiter System connect integration enabled
  • OAuth application access granted

Each call to an endpoint will yield the user who took the action, and the timestamp of the action.

Check out the Audit API documentation at