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Learn some tips and tricks for using the SmartRecruiters' platform.
  • Audit API
    The Audit API allows companies to monitor user activity and event in their SmartRecruiters account.
  • Contact SmartRecruiters Support
    If you need help in any way, contact your Administrator(s). Administrators can submit Support requests and monitor their cases by following the Contact Support link in the user menu.
  • Interview API
    The Interview API allows companies to create, read, update and cancel interviews and sync the changes onto their SmartRecruiters calendars.
  • Localization
    Learn more about localizing SmartRecruiters in different languages.
  • NewSandbox
    Make it testing new features and configurations in a like-for-like manner easier for customers with New Sandbox.
  • Plan and Module Comparison
    Review the full list of features available on each SmartRecruiters plan.
  • Providing Feedback and Improvement Ideas with UserVoice
    Learn how you can contribute to SmartRecruiters as a user.
  • Saved Search
    Save and store complex search queries, then re-run them on ad-hoc basis.
  • Search Tips & Tricks
    Learn powerful tips for filtering and searching for candidates.
  • SmartRecruiters Overview
    Get an overview of the main sections of SmartRecruiters and their purpose.
  • Supported File Types for Attachments
    Here's a list of files types that candidates can upload and attach to their applications.
  • Supported Languages
    Learn about SmartRecruiters' localization support.
  • Supported Web Browsers
    Learn which web browsers you can use for hiring with SmartRecruiters.
  • Translations API
    Manage custom translations for Job and Org fields with the Translations API.

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