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Once you've published a job, you can purchase post for the job's ads on paid job boards like LinkedIn. Advertising on the right job board can attract 5x better candidates than posts on the free job aggregators alone.

Recommended Boards

Remember the Board Performance fields (industry, job function, location, job level)? SmartRecruiters uses these and the job's title to automatically recommend job boards.

For each board, SmartRecruiters also estimates (but does not guarantee) the number of candidates that an ad on that board will bring. Estimates are based on historical data from other companies who use SmartRecruiters.

View board pricing

Click on the logo for a job board to see the kinds of ad packages you can purchase, and their prices.

Browse other boards

If you’re looking for other types of job boards, you can browse through a carousel of other options, including niche boards, college boards, diversity boards, and any other specialized boards that might meet your job advertising needs.

If you've previously posted to a paid job board, SmartRecruiters will also list your previous purchases. 

Request a board

If you don't see the job board you'd like to use in SmartRecruiters Marketplace, you can suggest the addition of a new job board from the Advertise step of the Job Posting Wizard.

In the search bar in the upper left the page, start typing the URL of the board:

Fill in the URL of the board you'd like to add, and click Submit. When you do, SmartRecruiters' Partners team will reach out to your suggested board and request a partnership. 

Purchase ads

Click Add to place an ad package into your shopping cart. You’ll be able to review all the purchases in your cart before checkout and payment.

After purchase, you can track and download receipts in the Receipts page of Settings / Admin.

Skip Advertising

If you're not interested in the paid job boards, just click Skip Advertising at the bottom of the page: