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New Recruiter Guide - SmartRecruit


Welcome to SmartRecruiters! This Recruiter guide is your comprehensive resource for familiarizing yourself with SmartRecruiters and using it to recruit and hire the best talent

Each section of this guide focuses on one of your day-to-day tasks in SmartRecruiters. In each section, you'll find a brief introduction, followed by a step-by-step learning path that introduces you to the parts of SmartRecruiters that you'll use to accomplish that task. Just click on the first step to begin. 

Getting started  

In this section, you'll learn about the major parts of the SmartRecruiters platform, and set your personal preferences for using SmartRecruiters.


Getting started - New Recruiter
Pages: 4

Creating jobs

Now that you've got the basics, you can post your first job. In this section, you'll learn how to use the Job Posting Wizard to create and post jobs.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.12.25 PM.png

Creating jobs as new Recruiter
Pages: 5
  • Create the job ad (in SmartRecruit)
    The first step to creating a job in SmartRecruiters is to create the job's ad and fill out its description, required skills, and other candidate-facing information.
  • Add Job Details
    After creating the job's ad, you can fill in more details for categorizing the job and optimizing your job's performance on job boards.
  • Add hiring team and headcount
    Add the hiring team and the job's headcount, and request approvals if necessary, when creating a job in a SmartRecruit account.
  • Advertise your jobs
    To attract more candidates, purchase paid posts on the Advertise step of the Job Posting Wizard.
  • Ask for referrals
    In the last (and also optional) step of the job creation process, share the newly created job by email or social network to bring in referrals.

Managing Jobs 

As a recruiter, you'll spend much of your time managing multiple jobs and their details. In this section, you'll learn how to check in on the status of your jobs and make changes to the job's ads, hiring teams, and more.


Managing jobs as a new Recruiter
Pages: 5
  • Jobs list
    The Jobs list contains a list of all the jobs you have permission to view, with a summary of important details.
  • Job statuses
    Learn about the evolution of a job's status in the hiring process.
  • Job profile
    The Job profile contains all of a job's details and candidates, and is the central place for managing and editing a specific job.
  • Edit job ad
    Learn how to edit the text of a job's default and additional ads.
  • Add people to hiring team
    Teammates can be added to the a job's hiring team when the job is created, or afterwards on the Hiring Process tab of the job's profile.

Managing candidates 

Next, let's look at SmartRecruiters' tools for managing your candidates.

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Managing candidates as a new Recruiter
Pages: 6
  • People List
    Search and filter candidates from the People list to review, message, rate, reject, or take other actions.
  • Candidate profile
    Each candidate in SmartRecruiters has a profile that contains all of their information, and the tools used by the hiring team to review and move the candidate through the hiring process.
  • Candidate statuses
    Learn the details of SmartRecruiters' candidate statuses.
  • Notes
    Share notes on candidates with varying levels of privacy.
  • Tags
    Add custom tags to single or multiple candidates to help organize, search, and share your candidates.
  • Search Tips & Tricks
    Learn powerful tips for filtering and searching for candidates.

Interviewing candidates

As a recruiter, you'll be involved in the day-to-day hiring activities and manage communication between the hiring team and candidates. In this section, you'll learn how to schedule and manage interviews, and collect feedback from the hiring team to help make a hiring decision.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 10.28.59 AM.png

Managing interviews as a new Recruiter
Pages: 4

Offers and hiring

Recruiters can create and send offers to candidates using the Offer tab of the candidate profile.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.01.16 PM.png

For emailed offers, when the candidate responds, you can manually mark them as accepted and hire them, or edit the offer and resend. 

For offers sent via DocuSign, you can monitor the offer status on the Offer tab. SmartRecruiters will automatically update when the candidate signs or declines the offer via DocuSign. You can then confirm them as hired, or edit the offer and resend. 

To send via DocuSign, you'll need to have a user account in DocuSign that uses the same email address as your SmartRecruiters account.

Rejecting candidates

To simply reject the candidate without notifying them, choose a reason from the list, and click Reject.  


The rejection will take effect immediately, and the candidate will see the update in their Candidate Portal.

To reject the candidate and notify them, click Send rejection email and either enter a new message, or select an available template. Edits made here will not be saved to the template itself.

Only templates with a Rejection type can be used on the Reject tab.

If you choose to send a rejection email, you can also schedule the rejection for a later date using Delayed Rejections:ParApps_RejectModal.png

You can send the rejection immediately, or delay it for a specific period of time. 

Learn more about delayed rejections.

Normally, SmartRecruiters will send the rejection email using your name and email (from your SmartRecruiters account). To maintain anonymity, click Show sender as "Hiring Team" instead of my name. SmartRecruiters will replace your name with "<Company Name> Hiring Team" as the sender.

In all cases, you can specify a reason for rejection. Though optional, adding rejection reasons can help improve your hiring efforts by identifying common reasons.

Rejection reasons are never communicated to the candidate.


All SmartRecruiters companies can select from the default list of rejection reasons. Companies with the SmartGlobal add-on can add custom reasons.

Admins can report on rejections reasons in the Applicant Flow report. All users can sort candidates by rejection reason with the Candidate Filters.


Mobile apps

Though SmartRecruiters' web app is fully responsive and mobile-ready, you can also use the Hiring and Field Recruiting apps for both iOS and Android platforms. 

Use the Hiring App to monitor jobs, message and review candidates, track upcoming interviews, and generally manage your hiring process on mobile.

app_store.png Download the Hiring App for iOS from the App Store. It works on phones and tablets running iOS v9 or above, but is optimized for iPads. 
google-play-logo.jpg Download the Hiring App for Android from Google Play. It works on both Android phones and tablets, but is optimized for tablets.

Use the Field Recruiting App to source candidates in person at events like career fairs, or even in-store.

app_store.png Download the Field Recruiting App for iOS from the App Store. It works on phones and tablets running iOS v9 or above, but is optimized for iPads. 
google-play-logo.jpg Download the Field Recruiting App for Android from Google Play. It works on both Android phones and tablets, but is optimized for tablets.