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New Administrator Guide - SmartRecruit


Welcome to SmartRecruiters!  This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about setting up the various features in your account as a new SmartRecruit Administrator.


Each section of this guide focuses on setting up, configuring, or using a major feature or process in SmartRecruiters. In each section, you'll find a brief introduction, followed by a step-by-step learning path that introduces you to the parts of SmartRecruiters that you'll use to accomplish that task. Just click on the first step to begin. 

Getting started

Let's start with the basics! In this section, you'll learn about the major parts of the SmartRecruiters platform, and set your personal and company preferences for using SmartRecruiters.


Getting started - New Administrator
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User management

In SmartRecruiters, user rights are determined by a two-level structure:

  • Each user has a user role, which defines their system-level access to different features and functionality in the platform, such as configuring the company’s feature settings, posting jobs, or purchasing ads or services in the Marketplace. User roles are assigned when someone creates a new user, but can be changed later. 
  • A user's hiring team role determines their level of access to certain information about the job and candidates on that job, and the actions the user can take on the job or candidate, such as extending an offer or editing the job’s details.  These roles are assigned when the user is added to a job's hiring team. Users can have different roles on each job.

As an Admin, you are responsible for adding users to your account, and for assigning them the correct user type based on the rights and permissions they will need. In this section, you'll learn about user types and hiring team roles, and learn how to manually add and manage your users.

  • Custom Hiring Team Roles
    Learn how to customize permissions and access for your company's hiring team.
  • Default Permissions Quick-Reference
    Use this quick reference to determine a user's permissions based on the default user role and hiring team roles.
  • Hiring team roles
    For Smart Start Users & SmartRecruit users who have not setup any custom hiring team roles - Learn about the different hiring team roles and their allowed actions.
  • System Roles
    Learn about the rights and permissions provided by SmartRecruiters system roles.
  • Users with full access
    Users with full access to the job and its candidates can see all information about the job and candidates, and have the ability to edit the job and take all actions on the candidate.
  • Users with limited access
    Users with limited access to the job and its candidates can see only some information, and have limited ability to make changes or take certain actions.


Hiring managers and recruiters will assign hiring team roles when they create a job. If you'd like to learn more about hiring team roles and rights, start here.

If you company also has SmartGlobal, you can further customize their permissions using two advanced features:

  • Set up Access Groups to give users access to specific groups of jobs without adding them to the hiring team. You'll need to configure some Org fields first.
  • Add a custom hiring role to the list of available hiring team roles.

If you'd like to set up SSO for your company, you need the SmartConnect add-on. See our SSO documentation at, or contact Support for assistance. 



Configure hiring

 As an Admin, you can customize how your hiring team uses SmartRecruiters using various features and fields. 

Configure hiring - Admin Setup
Pages: 4
  • Set up Job fields
    In SmartRecruiters, Job fields are the key to applying different email templates, approvals, screening question sets, and other configurations based on the details of jobs.
  • Configure candidate fields
    Capture candidate-specific information and add it to offers, approvals, integrations, and more.
  • Customize default hiring process
    Customize the number, order, and type of steps in your hiring process.
  • Create new hiring process
    Create and customize additional hiring processes for managing different jobs. Each hiring process can have different steps in different orders.

If your company has the SmartGlobal add-on, you can set dependencies between Job and Org fields and their values to help your hiring managers and recruiters to quickly, accurately, and easily choose the right values for each job. 

SmartRecruiters also provides default values for tracking interview types , and withdrawal or rejection reasons for all companies. With SmartGlobal, you can also set up custom withdrawal and rejection reasons. 

Ask your Customer Success Manager about the SmartGlobal add-on.

Screening Questions

SmartRecruiters makes it easy to manage and assign screening questions to applications to help you select the right candidates and report on candidate demographics for diversity and compliance reporting.

When a candidate applies to a job that's assigned a screening question set, the last step in the application is providing answers.


Screening question library - New Administrator
Pages: 6

Auto Replies

One of the top complaints from job seekers is the feeling of disconnection and frustration when they apply to a job and receive no acknowledgement. Recruiters are busy, and often don't have time to respond to every application.  

Auto Replies provide an automated means to immediately engage the candidate, set expectations on follow-up steps like phone screens, and introduce your company's culture. When a candidate applies to a job, SmartRecruiters will automatically respond with an Auto Reply to the email they provide on their application.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.14.34 PM.png

Each job can have one Auto Reply, which is branded with your company’s name. The Auto Reply also contains a link to the Candidate Portal so that the candidate can access their application(s). 

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.43.42 PM.png

  1. Candidates who apply to the General Application do not receive an auto-reply.
  2. Recruiters will not receive an email if the candidate answers to Auto-Replies. Please avoid using it as a general template.
  • Edit the Default Auto Reply
    Automatically respond with a templated email when a candidate submits an application to one of your jobs.
  • Set Up Custom Auto Reply
    Set up multiple Auto Replies to tailor your automatic responses to candidates who apply to specific jobs.

Email Templates 

SmartRecruiters' Email Templates can be used by your hiring teams to quickly respond to candidates, extend offers, and send rejections, and invite them for interviews.

Admins can create email templates for the hiring team to use when messaging candidates. The templates are branded with your company's name (or brand name, if you have multiple brands). 

There a four types of templates, and  each is accessible from a specific tab on the candidate's profile, according to the template's purpose:

  • Generic templates are available on the Emails tab.
  • Offer templates are available on the Offer tab.
  • Interview templates are available on the Interview tab.
  • Rejection templates are available on the Interview tab.


Templates inherit the permissions of their tabs, so only the users who can access a specific tab can use the templates for that tab, and see candidate responses to the template. For example, only users who can extend an offer from the Offer tab can send Offer templates, and see the candidates' responses (and attachments in responses.) 

Email templates - New Administrator
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Offer templates

SmartRecruiters provides full offer management right from the candidate's profile. With SmartRecruit, administrators can create offer templates fo hiring manager(s) and recruiter(s) to use when creating offers for specific candidates. 

SmartRecruiters makes it easy to create and configure offer templates using a text editor.

  1. Administrators create templates with merge fields which are dynamic fields that SmartRecruiters fills in with information for specific candidates. Admins can set up templates for all jobs, or for a specific set of jobs using Org fields.
  2. When a hiring manager or recruiter selects a template from the Offer tab on the candidate's profile, SmartRecruiters will automatically populate the candidate's information in the appropriate field. Offers can be sent from the candidate's profile via email or optional DocuSign integration.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 11.42.58 AM.png

If you have a DocuSign account, you can connect it to SmartRecruiters to help your team create and send offers via DocuSign, and manage the whole process from the Offer tab of the candidate's profile. 

  • Create offer template
    If you don't plan to send offers via DocuSign, follow these instructions to create offer letter templates that your team will send by email.
  • Create offer template for DocuSign
    If you plan to use DocuSign to send offers, follow these instructions to create templates for sending offers via DocuSign, and add DocuSign anchor fields to streamline the process.
  • Fixing broken offer templates
    If your offer templates have rendering or formatting issues, follow these instructions to check whether the template document contains hidden fields, and remove them.


SmartRecruiters has two optional approval workflows: one for posting jobs, and one for extending offers to candidates. In this section, you'll learn how to configure rules for either type of approvals.

Approval setup is a two-step process:

  1. Create the set and choose which jobs it should apply to.
  2. Add the approval chain. There are two options, and both can have one or more approvers:
    • Set up a sequential chain in which approvers receive requests and approve in sequence.
    • Set up a parallel chain in which all approvers receive requests at the same time, and approve independently.

As with many features, Admins can assign approvals to specific groups of jobs by selecting a set of values for the company's active Org fields.  SmartRecruiters applies the approval chain to any jobs that have the same set of values for these Org Fields.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 7.39.31 PM.png

When someone posts a job or creates an offer that is subject to approvals:

  • SmartRecruiters notifies the chain's approvers through a summary email. Approvers can then review details and approve from the email, or log into SmartRecruiters to approve. 
  • Jobs requiring approval cannot be published until approved. Offers requiring approval cannot be sent to the candidate until approved.


Approvers will only see the job on the job list if they are part of the hiring team, or have a special user role. As a best practice, approvers should use the summary email to initiate their approval process. 

Calendar integrations

SmartRecruiters integrates with Google Calendar,  and Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange calendars to make it easy for your recruiters and coordinators to schedule and manage interviews.

As an Admin, you can set up one of the following integrations:

You will need to have administrator access to your company's Google or Microsoft calendar in order to complete the integration. If you don't, you will need the help of your IT staff.

Career site setup

In addition to posting jobs to the free and paid boards, SmartRecruiters provides options for marketing your jobs directly to candidates. All options will automatically update when you post or remove jobs in SmartRecruiters. 

  • Set up a Career Page with your company's branding, message, and media using SmartRecruiters' Career Page Builder. SmartRecruiters provides the hosting, and you won't need any engineering assistance or technical knowledge to build a career page.Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 10.04.29 AM.png
  • Create a Job Widget that you can drop into your corporate site to automatically display an up-to-date list of jobs.  Job Widgets can display only Public jobs, Public and Internal jobs, or Internal jobs only.Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 4.21.41 PM.png
  • For maximum configurability and control, application developers can use the Posting API to query SmartRecruiters for job posting information, and build a fully custom page. For information on the Posting API, see

There are two more options for advertising your jobs without posting to boards:

  • Create a Job Alert to allow candidates to subscribe and receive alerts when you post new jobs.
  • SmartRecruiters Internal Mobility portal is an optional module that allows your hiring team manage internal postings and applicants. Only users in your SmartRecruiters account can view and apply through Internal Mobility.


SmartRecruiters knows that reporting is an integral part of recruiting and hiring, and provides Admins with the tools they need to report on their hiring practices and demonstrate compliance.

As an Admin, you can download the following compliance and tracking reports:

Reports consist of the previously available Group-by tables, accessible from the Dashboard pages. These tables have been moved out of their respective pages into their own standalone pages, which can be accessed in the top menu item: Analytics > Reports

SmartRecruiters currently provides 5 grouped tables:

Offers Table


Please note the ability to extract data from dashboard tables has been transitioned over as Report Builder system templates. Starting on Thursday, May 22, 2020, the dataset within these reports will only be accessible through Report Builder. 

Admin users for SmartRecruit can also download six additional Analytics Reports:

  • an Applications Report with a complete list of applications and their details. This report differs from the Applicant flow report because it has no formatting and contains more SmartRecruiters-specific information like Job ID and candidate profile ID.
  • a Jobs Report with candidates for each job, their statuses in the job’s hiring flow, and other essential job-specific information.
  • a Positions Report with details of each job’s position(s).
  • a Job Fields Report with a list of all active Job and Org Fields for jobs, with values that are currently assigned to jobs.
  • a Hiring Team Report with a list of your hiring team members and their roles.
  • an Interviews Report with full details of all interviews, including schedules, participants, and feedback.

SmartRecruit also provides Report Builder, a custom Business Intelligence tool that lets Admins create, edit, and share custom reports on applications, candidates, and more.



SmartRecruiters' Global Compliance Administration tool helps companies around the world ensure compliance with the candidate data retention laws in each country where they operate. Companies can set up set up separate, independent policies for each county where they post jobs.

Configuration rulesets address two main areas of compliance related to candidates' information:

  • Set a data retention period to automate the deletion of personally identifying information for a candidate.
  • Add your company's privacy policy to inform the candidate of your definitions for acceptable access to and use of their personal data, including personally identifiable information (PII) browser cookies and location data.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 5.02.47 PM.png

Please note that while SmartRecruiters provides the tools to help you ensure compliance, it’s up to you to make sure that you are actually compliant.

Global Compliance
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SmartRecruiters provides 5 standard analytics dashboards for analyzing your hiring team's success: 

  • Dashboard: Time Filters
    Different time filters on each Source-to-Hire dashboards determine the data included in each dashboard.
  • Candidate Pipeline Dashboard
    Candidate Pipeline helps companies to view and analyze metrics to understand the current and historical application processes in a single dashboard dashboard. Users can identify bottlenecks of their application processes over time.
  • Hires Dashboard
    Hiring dashboard provides metrics and analysis of Hired candidates. Users can use this dashboard to discover and understand quality hiring sources
  • Hiring Plan Dashboard
    Hiring Plan dashboard helps companies to measure the effectiveness of the existing hiring plans with jobs and positions metrics. Users can use the dashboard to track hiring process and predict future plans' performance.
  • Hiring Success Dashboard
    Hiring Success Analytics helps companies to measure the core components of the Hiring Success methodology in one single, unified dashboard. Users can enable their Net Hiring Score survey and track their overall Net Hiring Score and Velocity over time.
  • Hiring Success Dashboard FAQ
    Hiring Success Analytics helps companies to measure the core components of the Hiring Success methodology in one single, unified dashboard. Users can enable their Net Hiring Score survey and track their overall Net Hiring Score and Velocity over time.
  • Interviews Dashboard
    Interviews dashboard helps companies to view and analyze metrics to understand the current and interview processes in a single dashboard. Users can use the dashboard to understand interview resource distribution and to improve the interview process.
  • Sourcing Analytics
    Visually analyze where your candidates come from and identify the best places to focus your recruiting efforts and budget.