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Who can see a candidate’s answers to screening questions?


By default, a candidate’s answers to any standard screening questions are visible on their profile to anyone with access to the candidate.

  • Administrators can choose to restrict the visibility of individual screening questions (and their answers) to only users with full access to the candidate.
  • Candidates may not change their answers to standard screening questions after submitting an application.
  • Answers to standard questions are displayed in a candidate’s profile and in the candidates’ portal.
  • Candidate answers to standard questions do not show up in the Applicant Flow report.

In general, questions marked as Diversity (and candidate answers) are omitted from the candidate's profile. Only Administrators can see the answers in the Applicant Flow (EEO only) and Diversity reports, obtainable from the "Templates" dropdown within the Report Builder. There is one exception for EEO questions, which are partially visible to users who have access to the candidate.