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Create custom screening question set

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Admins can also add new question sets to the Library and select from the list of custom and default questions. Each custom set can have up to 200 standard or diversity questions and a mixture of custom or default question.

Create new set

To add a new screening question set:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Screening Questions in the Configuration list.
  3. On the Question Sets tab, click New Set.QuestionSetsList.png
  4. Give the set a name. CreateSet.png
  5. If your company has SmartMobility, you can also mark the set as Internal by choosing the Internal option for the Job Ad Type field. Learn more about Internal Question Sets.CreateInternalSet.png
  6. By default, candidates can upload a photo with their application when applying to a job. Deselecting the Allow applicants to submit pictures option will disable this ability. 

Assign to jobs

To assign a custom screening question set to specific jobs, just choose one or more values for each of your active Org fields. For example, if you'd like to use this new set for any Engineering hires, just choose Engineering for the Department field.


SmartRecruiters will automatically assign the set to any job with matching values for the same fields. If there are jobs with Org field values that don't match the valuese of an existing custom set, SmartRecruiters will assign the default set instead. 

SmartRecruiters can't assign more than one Public or Internal question set to the same job, so make sure that your Org field selections don't overlap those of another question set. 

Add questions

To add questions to the set:

  1. Open the Question Set list, or start typing to search for one. This list will contain all the default questions and any custom questions you create.  AddQuestionstoSet.png
  2. Click on a question to add it to the set. Screening and Diversity questions will show up in a separate list at the bottom.
  3. If you don't see the question you need, click Create New Question to make a new custom screening question

Configure questions

Questions in each will show up on the candidate profile in the exact sequence shown on the Edit Set page. Reorder them by clicking the Reorder icon and dragging the question up or down the list. 


To set the visibility of a specific question or make it a Required question when used in this set, click the Settings icon. Both custom standard and Diversity questions can be required. 


  • All means that anyone with access to the candidate's profile can see the question and answer.
  • Users with full access include Executives, Recruiters, and Hiring managers.

You can set the visibility for only Standard questions. Diversity question are visible only users with full access to the job.

You can also make this a knockout question:

  1. In the Question Settings modal, select the Knock-out option.KnockoutConfigure.png
  2. Mark each unacceptable answer as a Knock-out answer. At least one answer must remain unchecked.
  3. Click Done to finish.

Learn more about using knockout questions.

Save the set

When finished:

  • Click Save to save this set as inactive. The set won’t be available until you activate it from the Question Sets page.
  • Click Save as Active to make the set immediately available. New candidates will see the set on applications for jobs assigned that set.