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Add screening questions to applications

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


You can assign screening question sets to jobs from the Question Sets pages of the Screening Questions Library.

You'll need to be an Administrator to assign screening questions to jobs.


Companies with Internal Mobility will see a slightly different view:


Assign default sets

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

To assign the Default question sets, just click the toggle and activate it. Unlike custom sets, you can't assign the default set to specific jobs, or delete it.

  • If you have no other active custom sets, SmartRecruiters will automatically apply the default set to all of your jobs. 
  • If you have other active custom sets, SmartRecruiters will apply the default set to any job that doesn't have a matching question set. 

The same is true for the Default Internal Question set: just activate it, and SmartRecruiters will apply it to any internal ads for jobs that do not have a custom Internal set assigned.

Assign custom sets

  • SmartRecruit

To assign a custom screening question set to specific jobs, just choose one or more values for each of your active Org fields. For example, if you'd like to use this new set for any Engineering hires, just choose Engineering for the Department field.


SmartRecruiters will automatically assign the set to any job with matching values for the same fields. If there are jobs with Org field values that don't match the valuese of an existing custom set, SmartRecruiters will assign the default set instead. 

SmartRecruiters can't assign more than one Public or Internal question set to the same job, so make sure that your Org field selections don't overlap those of another question set. 

Once you've assigned Org field values to the set, make sure to activate the set on the Question Sets tab, or click Save and make active when creating or editing a custom set.

There's no extra step for assigning custom Internal sets. SmartRecruiters will display them on any internal ads for jobs with matching field values.