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Remove Approver Access for Jobs and Offers



  • SmartRecruit


Unless an approver is part of the hiring team (or has access via System Role/Access Group), individuals will have continuing access to the job or offer after they have completed their approval actions. With this feature, SmartRecruiters allows customers to configure this (at the company-level) for both job and offer approvals. Note that approvers who have additional privileges (e.g. access to the job/offer via the Hiring Team, System Role or Access Group), will still retain access regardless of this setting.

  1. Administrator goes to Job Approvals in Settings / Admin. 

  2. The default setting for "Remove approvers’ access to the job after the job has been approved" will be OFF. The administrator will switch to ON. 

  3. A recruiter creates a new job with an approval chain.

  4. The system sends out an approval request to Joe Bloggs. Joe is an approver and does not have additional privileges.

  5. After Joe and all the others complete their approval/rejection, the system will remove their access to the job (or offer) within 24 hours.


What happens if a removed user tries to access the job via the UI, approval email or API?
After logging in, the user will see a warning alert: "Apologies, you cannot access this job. Either you no longer have access to it, or it has been deleted."

Where does the configuration happen?
There is an on/off toggle in both Job Approval and Offer Approval settings. 

If I am an approver and am also on the Hiring Team, might I lose access if this configuration is set to ON?
No. You will retain access to the job and applicants as hiring team privileges are at a higher level.  

Can customers monitor events via APIs?
At the point of approval/rejection the audit API is updated with the status (approved/rejected), approver name, approver comment, and time/date.

Can this setting be configured to apply to some jobs but not others?
No. It is a company-wide setting.

Does the release of this feature change other permissions for approvers?   
No. In the case of an offer, an approver will still have access to the job and be able to see all candidates in various workflow steps.