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Job approval workflow

  • SmartRecruit


SmartRecruiters' job approval workflow has three phases: request, approve, and publish.


Job creators can request approval from the 3rd step (Hiring team) in the Job Posting Wizard. 

  1. Add hiring team members by name, and choose their hiring team roles. If the approval process for the job includes specific roles (e.g., Hiring Manager), SmartRecruiters will send the approval request to any user assigned that role.
  2. Enter a Target Start Date, and optionally a Salary Range and Position Type, for each position on the job. SmartRecrecruiters will add these details to the approval request.
  3. For sequential and parallel approvals, simply review the approver list, and add an optional comment. SmartRecruiters will include this comment in the approval emails.
  4. If the approval has no pre-set chain, choose the sequence, and add the approvers by name: 
    • For sequential approvals, set the order of approvers by dragging them up and down the list.
    • For parallel approvals, choose whether all or at least one should approve.
  5. Click Submit for Approval to save the job and send the requests. 

SmartRecruiters will save, but not publish the job, and take you directly to the job's profile.

Jobs cannot be published until they're approved.  Approvers will receive the request by email. You can monitor their approvals from the Job Details tab on the job's profile page:

If you need to edit the approval list or position information, click Edit in the Headcount section to make a change and resend the approval request.

Review and approve

When you're assigned as an approver for new jobs, SmartRecruiters will email you when someone submits a job for approval.

  1. Review the email, which will contain a summary of the offer's details for your review:The list of fields in the Terms section will be unique for your company, and determined by the various candidate fields added to the job.
  2. Click Approve to immediately approve the request and go to the job's profile, or click View Details to go to the job's profile and either approve or decline the request.

If for some reason you need to change your decision, the job must be resubmitted for approval again.

Publish approved job

Once all approvers have either approved or declined the request, SmartRecruiters will:

  •  notify the requestor by email:
  • and update the job's details:

When the job is approved, it can be published:

  1. Click Publish at the top of the job's profile to go through the Job Posting Wizard again.
  2. On the Hiring Team step, click Publish to publish the job, and go through the remaining steps of the Job Posting Wizard to purchase paid ads or get referrals.