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Job and offer approvals

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Job and Offer approvals ensure the right amount of oversight in your hiring process.  Set up a single approval process for an entire company, or multiple process for jobs for different Brands, departments, locations, etc.


Approval setup is a two-step process:

  1. Create the set and choose which jobs it should apply to.
  2. Add the approval chain. There are two options, and both can have one or more approvers:
    • Set up a sequential chain in which approvers receive requests and approve in sequence.
    • Set up a parallel chain in which all approvers receive requests at the same time, and approve independently.

As with many features, Admins can assign approvals to specific groups of jobs by selecting a set of values for the company's active Org fields.  SmartRecruiters applies the approval chain to any jobs that have the same set of values for these Org Fields.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 7.39.31 PM.png

When someone posts a job or creates an offer that is subject to approvals:

  • SmartRecruiters notifies the chain's approvers through a summary email. Approvers can then review details and approve from the email, or log into SmartRecruiters to approve. 
  • Jobs requiring approval cannot be published until approved. Offers requiring approval cannot be sent to the candidate until approved.


Approvers will only see the job on the job list if they are part of the hiring team, or have a special user role. As a best practice, approvers should use the summary email to initiate their approval process. 



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  • What changes will trigger re-approval?

    Generally speaking, any changes to the following fields will trigger a re-approval request:

    • Position information (Position Open date, Target Start date, Position Type, Position ID, Salary Range)JobFieldsRequireReApproval.png
    • Fields on an approved offer that were explicitly configured to require re-approval if changed.  Note the Re-approval icon for the Hiring Manager Familiar Name field. This icon indicates fields that, if changed, will require re-approval.FieldRequiresReapprovalIFEdited.png
    • Any field on an offer that hasn't yet been approved.
  • What is a parallel approval chain?

    To set up a pool of approvers ahead of time, but allow some flexibility in the sequence or number of required approvals, create a parallel approval chain.

    In a parallel approval chain:

    • all approvers receive notifications simultaneously, and
    • all approvers can approve independently.

    Unlike sequential chains, parallel chains can require approval from all, or at least one approver.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 11.14.58 AM.png

    In the latter case, the request is approved so long as a single approver gives approval, even if one (or all) other approvers decline.

  • What is a sequential approval chain?

    To set up an approval process ahead of time that specifies a strict sequence of approvers, create a sequential approval chain

    In sequential chains, each approver in the sequence will receive a request to approve only when the previous approver has approved the job or offer. All approvers must approve in sequence, or the job or offer cannot be published or extended.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 11.17.53 AM.png

    In this example, James Hetfjeld will receive the first approval request. When he approves, the hiring manager on the job will receive an approval request.

  • Who can be an approver?

    Administrators can appoint individual users by name, or by role their role on the job's hiring team. Named users will need to have a SmartRecruiters account. 

    You'll need to be an Administrator to assign approvers.

    • Choose Hiring Manager, Recruiter, Coordinator or Executive, and anyone on the job with that role will receive approval requests. will insert whoever the job poster added to the hiring team in those roles as the approvers for the job or offer. 
    • Choose Named User to select from the users in your SmartRecruiters account, regardless of their role on the hiring team.
    • Choose Any user to allow the user who posted the job to specify approvers by name when they create the job.

    If your SmartRecruiters account has a custom hiring role, you'll be able to choose that role for an approver.