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What is an Org Field?

  • SmartRecruit


Org fields are a special type of Job Field that drive the configuration of various features in SmartRecruiters. Briefly:

  1. Administrators set up different configurations for a feature (e.g., a specific Screening Question set), then assign a specific set of Org Field values to the configuration (e.g., Support and Engineering values for the Department field). 
  2. SmartRecruiters applies the individual configurations to jobs with matching values for the same fields.

Default fields

SmartRecruiters has three default Org Fields, which are available to SmartREcruit accounts:

  • Brands, set up on the Brands page.
  • Country, chosen for each job when the job is created.
  • Departments, set up on the Job Fields page.


Like Job Fields, each Org field can have up to 6,000 values.

Admins for SmartRecruit can also add up to 22 custom Org Fields, for a total of 25 fields, by adding the SmartGlobal add-on.

Want this feature? Ask your Customer Success Manager about the SmartGlobal add-on.


Each field has the following attributes:

  • Required (Yes/no):  Job creators must choose a value for this field when creating a job.
  • Visibility: The field and its value are publicly visible to hiring team members, or hidden from them.
    • Fields marked Public are exposed in the job posting API, and can be used to configure a career site. They can be seen by all hiring team members except Interviewers, and edited by Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Coordinators and Executives.
    • Fields marked Internal are used for internal job categorization. Only user with full access to a job (Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Coordinators and Executives) can see them on a job page. 
  • Values: The list of selectable values for the field, as defined by administrators.