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What is a Job Field?

  • SmartRecruit


Job Fields help categorize jobs using various information. Administrators can create custom fields and define the available values for each field. Job creators choose values for the fields when creating a job.

Job Fields are useful for:

  • Attaching specific information to jobs for reporting, compliance, and analytics purposes. 
  • Adding parameterized information as a merge field into offer letter templates. Each job field is automatically available as a merge field for offer templates, but not email templates.


There is a maximum of 200 job fields - inclusive of active and inactive. 

Each field can have up to 6,000 values. Each value has a limit of 200 characters. Admins for SmartRecruit can add up to 200 different job fields.


Each field has the following attributes:

  • Required (Yes/no):  Job creators must choose a value for this field when creating a job.
  • Visibility: The field and its value are publicly visible to hiring team members, or hidden from them.
    • Fields marked Public are exposed in the job posting API, and can be used to configure a career site. They can be seen by all hiring team members except Interviewers, and edited by Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Coordinators and Executives.
    • Fields marked Internal are used for internal job categorization. Only user with full access to a job (Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Coordinators and Executives) can see them on a job page. 
  • Values: The list of selectable values for the field, as defined by administrators.