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Create custom Job or Org fields

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Companies with a Corporate plan can add custom Job and Org fields. There's no limit on Job fields, but there's a maximum of 6 Org fields (in addition to Brand, Department and Country).

To create a new custom Job or Org fields:

Only Admin users can set up Job or Org Fields.

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Job Fields in the Configuration list.
  3. Click Add Field.

  4. Add the field's details:

    1. Give it a name (up to 100 characters);
    2. For type, choose between Single select (a dropdown list) or Free Text (free entry). Free text fields are not reportable in the Job Fields report or via the API.
    3. For category, choose Job or Org Field. The category cannot be edited after you create a field.
    4. Make it required (if necessary)
    5. Choose its visibility.
  5. Add in the values manually, or click Add from csv to upload the values in a .csv file. Each field can have up to 4000 values.

    When your job creators go to pick values from this field, they'll see the values in the same order shown here. You can either manually sort the values via drag-and-drop, or selected Sort A-Z to sort them alphabetically.
  6. Click Create field to complete the field and save it. 

Org Fields can be used to configure features, like email templates and Access Groups, for specific groups of jobs.