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Job and Org Fields

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In SmartRecruiters, Job and Org fields are the key to customizing the details of your jobs and configuring the templates, approvals, screening questions, and other tools that are available for individual jobs or groups of jobs.


Each SmartRecruiters account has a library of Job fields. Admins can manage their fields from the Job Fields page in Settings / Admin.



Job Fields

Job Fields help categorize jobs using various information. Administrators can create custom fields and define the available values for each field. Job creators choose values for the fields when creating a job.

Job Fields are useful for:

  • Attaching specific information to jobs for reporting, compliance, and analytics purposes. 
  • Adding parameterized information as a merge field into offer letter templates. Each job field is automatically available as a merge field for offer templates, but not email templates.

Org Fields

Org fields are a special type of Job Field that drive the configuration of various features in SmartRecruiters. Briefly:

  1. Administrators set up different configurations for a feature (e.g., a specific Screening Question set), then assign a specific set of Org Field values to the configuration (e.g., Support and Engineering values for the Department field). 
  2. SmartRecruiters applies the individual configurations to jobs with matching values for the same fields.

Default Fields

  • SmartRecruit

There are three default Org Fields:

  • Brands, set up on the Brands page.
  • Country, chosen for each job when the job is created.
  • Departments, set up on the Job Fields page.


Custom Fields

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  • +
  • SmartGlobal

Administrators can also add up to 22 custom Org Fields.