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Set a Job Ad's visibility

  • Personal
  • Team
  • Corporate
  • SmartStart
  • Corporate
  • Global

You can set a job ad's visibility to Public, Internal, or Private when:

  • Creating the default ad for a new job, or
  • Creating an additional ad for an existing job. 

Each job ad can have its own visibility.

Default Job Ad

When you create a new job, its default ad is Public. You can change the visibility to Internal or Private before publishing it in the Job Posting Wizard.

Additional Job Ads

When you create a new ad for an existing job, that ad will automatically take the default ad's visibility. For example, if you create a new ad for a job with a default ad that is Public, the new ad will default to Public as well. You can change the new ad’s visibility when you create it.

Duplicated Job Ads

When you duplicate a job ad, the duplicate will inherit the visibility of the job ad that was duplicated (which may not be the default ad). 

You can then edit the duplicate ad's visibility.