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Change a Job Ad's Visibility

  • SmartRecruit


Users with the ability to edit a job can change the visibility of its ads by editing that ad and publishing it (publicly, internally, or privately). 

Transition rules

Changing visibility from:

  • private -> internal will repost the private ad with a new URL, and then post a new internal ad.
  • private -> public will repost the private job with a new URL, and post internal and external versions of the ad with different URLs.
  • internal -> private will unpost the internal, and repost it as a private ad with a new URL.
  • internal -> public will repost the internal (and private ad) with a new URL, then post an external version of the ad with a different URL.
  • public -> private will unpost the public ad (and any internal ads), then repost a private ad with a different URL. Google and other bots can't index the new ad, but may still have the old ad.
  • public -> internal will unpost the public ad, then repost it as an internal ad and a private ad. Google and other bots can't index the new ad, but may still have the old ad.

Choosing the same visibility (e.g., private -> private) will simply repost it without change in its visibility. The reposted ad will have a new URL, but the old ad’s URL will still work.

Change visibility

To change a job ad's visibility:

  1. Find and click on the job in the Jobs list.
  2. Click the Job Ad tab.
  3. To edit the default ad, click Edit Job. To edit an additional ad, open the dropdown next to Advertise for that ad.
  4. If you're editing the default ad, go through the Job Posting Wizard to the Hiring Team step, and choose the new visbility, then click Publish.
  5. If you're editing an additional ad, you can change the visibility on the first step.

SmartRecruiters will explain the impact of the change. Click Confirm to make the change.

Make sure to Publish the job ad, not Save it. Saving it will not alter the ad's visibility.