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Internal & Private Job Ads

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SmartRecruiters’ Internal and Private Job Ads feature allows users to create job ads that are visible to only other users in the same account, or only to people who have the direct link to the ad.


Both Internal and Private job ads are hidden from public view, and can’t be posted to job boards, career pages, or any public place. 

  • If your company has SmartMobility, Internal job ads are posted to your company's Internal Careers page so that only users in your account can view them. You can also create an Internal Job Widget to display Internal jobs on your intranet or other internal site.
  • Companies without SmartMobility can share Internal and Private job ads via the unique URL for the job.
  • Private job ads aren't posted anywhere. Only members of the job's hiring team or someone with the unique URL for that ad can see it.

Neither can be advertised. Google and other search engines can’t crawl, discover, or index Internal or Private ads.



  • Can I refer someone to an Internal or Private Job Ad?

    Only public job ads are listed in the Referral Portal. Internal and Private job ads are excluded from the Referral Portal.

    As a result, though Internal ads will show up in the Internal Mobility page, the Refer a Friend button is unavailable for these ads.

  • Can I use the API to retrieve my Internal and Private Ads?

    Sure! You can use the /posting endpoint of SmartRecruiters’ Public API to retrieve your list of Internal jobs. 

    You’ll need to add both your SmartToken and a destination property with a value of internal,external to the endpoint query in order to retrieve your Internal ads.

    For Private jobs, us the /jobs endpoint.

    For more documentation or to test using our Live Docs, see

  • Should I create an Internal or Private ad?

    If you’d like to create a job ad and:

    • Prevent it from being posted publicly, but allow your employees to see it, create an Internal job ad. 
    • Prevent it from being posted publicly and hide it from anyone who isn’t on the job’s hiring team or an Admin or Extended user, create a Private job ad.
  • What is the default source for Internal/Private Job Ads?

    Candidates sourced from Internal ads have the following source definitions:

    • Type: Organic 
    • Sub-type: Internal 
    • Source name: Internal Career Page.

    Candidates sourced from Private ads have the following source definitions:

    • Type: Organic 
    • Source name: Direct Link

    If you have multiple Internal Job Widgets, the source name will reflect each Widget's name.

  • What’s the difference between Internal and Private job ads?

    Internal and Private ads differ in the ways that people can access them. 

    • Internal jobs are posted only to the Internal Mobility page and Internal-only Job Widgets. They can’t be posted to aggregators, job boards, non-Internal job widgets, career pages or Facebook App. 
    • Private jobs ads can’t be posted anywhere. Administrators, extended users, and members of a job's hiring team can see private ads for that job on the Job Ads tab. Everyone else must have the job ad's unique URL to access it. However, anyone with the URL may access it, even if they’re not part of your organization.

    You can recognize Internal and Private ads by their URL:

    Shortened URLs for either ad look the same as for Public ads, e.g.:
  • Where can I post an Internal Job Ad?

    Internal ads are always posted to the Internal Careers page. You can also create an Internal Job Widget that lists only Internal ads, and add this widget somewhere in your intranet, wiki or other company-only site.

  • Who can see an Internal Job Ad?

    All users in your SmartRecruiters account can see an Internal ad for a job, even if they’re not on the job’s hiring team, because Internal ads are posted to the Internal Careers page

    As long as Internal Mobility is activated on your account, users can review your company's published Internal job ads and apply to them as internal applicants.

  • Who can see a Private Job Ad?

    Private job ads are visible to:

    • Any member of a job’s hiring team can see private ads for that job.  
    • All admins and extended users on your SmartRecruiters account.
    • Users who are part of an access group that gives permission to see those jobs.
    • Anyone who knows the ad’s URL.