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Withdrawal and Rejection reasons

Withdrawal and Rejection reasons describe why the hiring team chose not to proceed further with a specific candidate application. Hiring team members have the option to assign a reason when marking a candidate's application as rejected or withdrawn. These reasons help hiring teams investigate and analyze where and why they lose or reject candidates.

All SmartRecruiters accounts can use the default Withdrawal and Rejection reasons or create their own custom reasons.

Default withdrawal reasons

Here's the list of default reasons. They're shared by all SmartRecruiters companies, and can't be deleted.

  • Took another job
  • Compensation
  • Personal reasons
  • Commute
  • Cultural fit
  • Lack of recruiter follow-up
  • Confusing job description
  • Will stay in current company
  • Not interested in the first place.

Add custom withdrawal reason

As an Administrator, you can also add your own custom reasons to the list. Just type the new reason, and click Add Reason.

Mark candidate as withdrawn

To mark a candidate as withdrawn and choose a withdrawal reason:

  1. On the candidate's profile, click the More tab, and select Withdrawn.

  2. Choose a reason from the list of default and custom reasons.

  3. Confirm the reason to update their profile. 

Report on withdrawals

The Applicant Flow report lists all candidates who've withdrawn their applications, and the reason supplied.