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What steps can I add to my hiring process?


The Hiring Step library is spread across three stages. Each can have up to 8 steps in each stage. Though you can't transfer steps between stages, some steps (e.g., Test Assignment) are available in more than one stage so that you have flexibility in defining an optimal hiring process. 

8 standard steps are available in the In-Review stage:

  • Hiring Team Screening
  • Test Assignment
  • Video Screen
  • Resume Review
  • Phone Screen
  • Skills Test
  • Recruiter Screen
  • Submitted to Manager

9 standard steps are available in the Interview stage:

  • On-site Interview
  • On-site Test
  • Reference Check
  • Skills Test
  • Test Assignment
  • Video Interview
  • Final interview
  • Informal Interview
  • Team Interview

5 standard steps are available in the Offered stage:

  • Offer Pending
  • Reference Check
  • Background Check
  • Offer Accepted
  • Onboarding