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Turn on hiring step notifications

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


As an Administrator, you can activate notifications to hiring managers for each standard or custom step in your custom hiring process.  Each time a candidate is moved to the next stage for a job that uses that hiring process, hiring managers on the job will receive a notification by email. 

To turn on the notifications for each step:

  1. Open the Settings / Admin page and click Hiring Process.
  2. If you have multiple hiring processes, scroll and find the one you're looking for. Otherwise, just look at the Default hiring process.Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 3.04.49 PM.png
  3. Find the hiring step and click the gear icon in its top-right corner.Group.png
  4. From the list, select Notifications.Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 3.04.58 PM.png
  5. On the next page, check Hiring Manager. Once a candidate enters this specific step, hiring managers on the job will receive a notification. 
  6. Repeat for other steps as necessary.
  7. Check Settings / Admin then click Email Preferences.  Click Candidates and make sure the Hiring Manager checkbox is selected for New Candidate Applied

Personal Email Settings - Candidate.png