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Customize default hiring process

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


All SmartRecruiters accounts have a default hiring process. Admins can customize the default hiring process by adding or removing steps from the library of standard steps, adding your own custom steps, and reordering the sequence of steps. When you add, remove or reorder steps, the changes will apply across your SmartRecruiters account, including Analytics. 

To customize a hiring process:

  1. On the Settings / Admin page, click Hiring Process in the Configuration list.
  2. Click Edit above the hiring process. 
  3. Add a step by clicking Add Step above a stage to open a list of available steps for that stage. Choose one, or click Add Step in the list to create a custom step. 
  4. Remove a step by clicking x in the upper corner of a step.
  5. Reorder the step by clicking on the bottom of a step and dragging it forward or backward in the current sequence. 

Click Save when finished.


A maximum of 120 hiring processes can be created.